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7 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Do Without Your Degree

For many years, the general belief was that you would need a college degree to get a good job, especially a high-paying role. Presently, this is no longer true. Many companies now realize that a degree is not a yardstick for talent or to achieve success.

You can earn big even without a bachelor's degree. Meanwhile, not all high-paying jobs require a college degree. Many organizations need people with good skills and background knowledge instead of a university education.

There are many great people with achievements who never earned a bachelor's degree. As a result, you don't need to spend years at college before making a good income and enjoying an attractive job. Find out in this short piece as you read on some high-paying jobs you can do without having any degree.

1. Air Traffic Controller.

As an air traffic controller, you have to direct air traffic from the ground. You will sit in towers with many windows that you can see at the airports. Also, you will work at night and weekends to meet travel schedules. However, the job is demanding, but it comes with great rewards. Air traffic controller requires just an associate degree and has a median salary of $130,420.

2. Elevator Installer and Repairer

As an elevator installer and repairer, you will earn hugely working with your hands. Furthermore, you will work with large machines in cramped places. Also, you will be fully engaged for repairs throughout the day. However, if you are scared of heights, this job may not be your choice! Hear the good news! Your median salary will be $88,540. This type of job demands a diploma and a job growth of 7%.

3. Nuclear Technician

Being a nuclear technician, computers, and other types of equipment will be your main tools. Mainly, you will work in nuclear plants. Also, some engineers and scientists will work with you. Your median salary is around $84,190, and you will need an associate degree for this kind of job.

4. Web Developer

In this type of job, you will employ your skills to design and build websites. This type of job is high-demanding, and you will find it in different kinds of agencies or businesses. Also, as a web developer, you will earn like $77,200 with an associate degree as an education requirement. Here, the job growth is 8%.

5. Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you will have the opportunity to impact many patients' lives by taking good care of their oral health. As a dental hygienist, you will remove plaque from teeth and advise your patients about good hygiene and food. You only need an associate degree for this kind of job, and you will earn around $77,090 with job growth of 6%

6. Network Engineer

In this job, you will be responsible for designing and managing a company's computer. Also, you will manage a series of IT-related tasks like supervising network security and performance and maintaining computer and software. This job requires that you know the computer network. Your average salary would be $74,286.

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Here, you should know how to create images of organs using a medical instrument that allows patients to understand what's happening within their bodies. This job is experiencing a higher growth of 12%, and as such, you will have employment opportunities if you go for it. Your average salary would be around $70,380.

Wrapping Up

The highest-earning jobs without degrees are the most essential or upcoming careers in today's competitive market. There are unlimited opportunities for those looking for jobs without a degree. Having read this article, you can go out there and get the job of your dream without your certificate. Good luck with your new career!


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