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Can Hemp Oil Transform Your Pet’s Health? My Honest Review Of Innovet

dog and hemp oil

As my dog was getting older, I noticed that she was slowing down a bit. After a long walk or play date with a friend, she seemed a bit achy and stiff, and it took longer to recover. 

Wanting to do everything to keep her happy, healthy, and active for as long as possible, I started doing my research. Should I change her food? Were there supplements I should be giving her? Should I change her exercise routine? Basically, I wanted to know that I was doing everything in my power to give her the best life possible.

That’s how I came across PurHemp Oil for Dogs from Innovet. This full-spectrum golden hemp oil supports healthy skin and coat, joint health, heart health, and immune system function. It has also been shown to help with anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

I was really impressed by the reviews I read of PurHemp Oil. It has a rating of 4.9 stars and almost 7,000 reviews from real dog owners, who mention the huge improvement they’ve seen with their dogs’ seizures, arthritis pain, skin health, and more. Multiple people also mentioned how great Innovet’s customer service was. 

I was intrigued, but I had questions pet hemp oil. Wasn’t hemp hallucinogenic? And was it safe for dogs? Luckily the Innovet website had the answers I was looking for. I learned that hemp oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants, has little to no psychoactive compounds, and doesn’t cause addiction.

Hemp oil is safe for dogs and it works by sending signals between nerve cells via a system of receptors activated by terpenes. These assist the central nervous receptors, which control critical body functions such as immune response, pain sensation, appetite, memory, mood, and more.

While I didn’t totally understand the biology behind it, I was getting excited about the prospect of a single product having such a big impact on my dog's health. But before I buy anything for my dog, I want to know about the company that’s behind it.

So I began to do my research on Innovet. The brand has been around for almost 20 years and is completely self-funded (read: there’s no influence from outside sources who want to cut corners to make the most profit).

Started by two college friends with degrees in Engineering and Biochemistry, every product they develop is inspired by their own pets and their unique needs. If it's not a product they wouldn't use themselves, they wouldn't sell it, which I absolutely loved.

dog taking hemp oil

So I decided to place an order on the Innovet website, using their Hemp Dosage Calculator to determine how much to give my dog based on her weight. When the PurHemp Oil arrived, I started giving her the minimum dose, which was 3 drops every 6-8 hours (I just added the drops to her food).

My dog isn’t especially anxious, but almost immediately I noticed that she seemed calmer. When the doorbell rang, she’d normally start barking like crazy, but after taking the PurHemp Oil, she lifted her head, gave a sweet little “woof” and relaxed back on her bed.

But it was really about 3 weeks later when I really started to notice an improvement in my dog’s overall health. She had much more energy and much less stiffness. After a nap, she was able to quickly hop back up, like in her puppy days. No more struggling to lay down and no more limping. She was acting years younger! While out on walks she would pull to keep going instead of slowing down and wanting to head home after 20 minutes or so. Her fur was smoother and I realized she was scratching herself less. 

purhemp and dog and owner

All of the glowing reviews were right - my dog’s quality of life is simply better after starting to take Innovet’s PurHemp Oil. She loves it and I feel good that I’m supporting her health with this simple addition to her daily routine. (Plus, I love supporting small businesses that make their products in the US!)

If you’re looking for healthy, natural ways to support your pet’s health, give PurHemp Oil from Innovet a try. I’m willing to bet you’ll become a convert like me and my girl.

Plus, they're having an National Pet Hemp Day Sale starting April 19th through April 23rd. Save 20% with the code 'HEMP' when you checkout!

*Offer does not apply to subscription orders, and/or bundles.


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