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From Stolen Packages to Reimbursement in 24 Hours with Kangaroo

Just a few months ago, I moved to a new neighborhood. I was excited to be in my new home and be able to focus on redecorating to make it feel like home. Over the course of the first couple days, I realized how difficult moving was. The stress of spending more money on new appliances, nicknacks, and other random items you don’t realize you need was hard enough. But...then I realized that there was a porch pirate in my new neighborhood. Packages I bought off Amazon weren't there when I got home from work.

We tried to plan our deliveries for when either me or my husband would be home, but that’s inconvenient and barely ever turns out the way you plan. One day when I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram, I saw an influencer I follow posting about her new security kit from Kangaroo. I was intrigued, but the last thing my home needed was more stuff. Then my ears perked up when I heard her mention that there’s a Porch Protection Plan that you can pay for that will reimburse you for stolen packages. You don’t even need to purchase a security kit to get protection.

The way it works is that there are three plans to choose from based on your spending and delivery habits. For $1.99/month, you get to make two claims per year, up to $150 each. For $3.99/month, you get to make two claims per year, but these are up to $400 per claim. The third option is $7.99/month and that gets you four claims per year, up to $375 per claim (if you make larger and more frequent online purchases, I recommend this plan). I got the middle plan for $3.99/month because I thought it would be the best value and would make sense for making claims if my larger purchases get stolen.

Then a few weeks later it happened again. My package went missing so I reached out to Kangaroo and got reimbursed, for my first claim after purchasing Kangaroo’s Porch Protection Plan. All I had to do was go into the Kangaroo app and file the claim by answering a couple of questions and uploading photos of the tracking information for the package. Literally the day after my info was approved by Kangaroo, I got money deposited right into my PayPal, as if my package never got stolen.

My plan more than paid for itself in almost no time. It's still frustrating to have a package stolen but having reassurance that you're not totally screwed is great. I even decided to buy the $20 Kangaroo doorbell camera I saw originally. So now I’ll have the eyes and the protection on my home to keep me and my family (and our wallet) safe.


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