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How This Premium Wax Changed My Entire Waxing Routine

Like many women I know, I had been going to the salon for monthly waxing appointments for as long as I could remember. My busy schedule was making it hard to go as regularly as I would like, but I absolutely loved my esthetician, so I made it a priority. And then she moved away (cue the violins). To say I was devastated sounds dramatic, but it was true. But I realized this might be an opportunity to save some time and money on my waxing routine. I knew I still needed to go to the salon for my bikini area, but could I take care of other areas at home? I started doing some research and quickly came across Nova Wax.

Formulated by celebrity esthetician Liz Lugo, Nova Wax is a stripless hard wax that combines the premier qualities of the best European hard waxes in the world. The before and after photos were super impressive. But I didn’t have any experience doing waxing. I was worried that trying to do it myself would be, at best, messy and, at worst, really painful. (I also had visions of accidentally waxing off my entire eyebrow.) But the reviews were really positive and helped put my mind at ease a bit. And the idea of taking care of my waxing from the comfort of my own home, on my schedule, and for much less money was definitely intriguing.

What sealed the deal was my conversation with the Nova Wax customer service team, which is made up of licensed professionals. I messaged them with questions about how to use the waxing kits, if I'd be able to do it without professional training, and why it was better than other at home options. They were so nice and helpful and I felt much more confident placing an order knowing that they’d be there to answer any questions. Plus, they have really helpful blog posts and video tutorials on social for additional help.

I decided to go with the Starter Wax Kit, which comes with 1 Facial Wax Warmer, 1 Box of Nova Wax tablets, and 50 waxing sticks. I was planning on using it for my lip and underarms (and maybe one day I’d be brave enough to try my eyebrows). It arrived quickly and was easy to set up, even for a novice like myself. I'll admit, as I was putting the wax on the first time, I was nervous about what I was undertaking. But the wax was not nearly as hot as what I usually experience at the salon. (This is because Nova Wax is a low temperature wax, which makes it much gentler on the skin.) It also doesn’t require strips, so there’s much less waste, which I liked.

When I pulled the first strip off I was pleasantly surprised at how little it hurt, and by the fact that it removed all the hairs. I’m talking all of them. Not a single straggler. Even at the salon they generally had to do a second pass. I was thrilled. Plus, there was very little redness and no splotches after I was all done. And, as an added bonus, the scent is incredible. It was like my little bathroom had been transformed into a luxury spa. The day after my first use of Nova Wax, my skin was soft, smooth, and had no bumps or ingrowns. Even 3 weeks later, my skin was still hair-free.

My initial investment in Nova Wax was just over $75 for the Starter Kit, and I now have a subscription for the Wax Tablets, which I have delivered every couple of months for around $50. Needless to say, it’s a huge saving from going to the salon each month for all my waxing. I’m a Nova Wax convert. For anyone looking for a way to take care of most of your waxing at home and on your own time, I can’t recommend Nova Wax enough.

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