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Interview With | Speaker of The House

Philly-born artist and producer Dylan Orvell, AKA Speaker of the House, has been a steadily-rising star since he released his first single, "Wide Awake," in 2016.

25 million streams later, he's gone on tour supporting The Chainsmokers and Marshmello and has made the rounds across the festival circuit, playing Coachella, Camp Bisco, Hangout Festival, Moonrise, and Groove Cruise. He's had a massively successful year, releasing four singles, including his most recent powerhouse, "Rock Me."

Popdust caught up with Speaker of the House to discuss his career so far and what fans can expect from him in 2019!

What is music to you? What is the best explanation you can give as to how you define it?

Music takes on two roles in my life. It's a language and expressive tool for me to put my thoughts and feelings onto a canvas when I'm making it. And it's a means for escape, appreciation, and introspection when I listen.

How old were you when you decided you were going to make production into a career? Who are some of your earliest inspirations?

I was 20 years old when I decided that I had what it takes to succeed in music. I had been playing guitar my whole life, and was also savvy with computers and gaming. It was a perfect marriage of my skills to produce music on an electronic platform. My earliest inspirations were Deadmau5, Skrillex, Rusko, Kaskade, Flux Pavillon, and Porter Robinson.

Congrats on all the single releases this year! "Rock Me" is a little different than its predecessors in sound design. Can you tell us a little bit about the process behind its production?

"Rock Me" is definitely different from my last two singles. It's at the tempo I like best for house music. I was able to use some more signature sounds and a vibe that is reminiscent of my earlier electro and deep house work. It has a carefree vibe which is rare in my music. It shares just a few similarities with what I have coming next.

Who are some of your favorite current producers? Of all time?

Current favorites would include Lane 8, Rufus Du Sol, Tame Impala, Chris Lake, and Don Diablo. All-time list would include, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Justice, and Avicii.

Do you prefer producing originals or reworking other artist's songs? Why?

I prefer making originals! I'll admit remixes are always great, but nothing compares to writing, recording, and producing your own records. With no assets it can be discouraging, and "Rock Me" is an example of how to make an original with little to no assets. However I'm at a point now where I am lucky enough to be working with some amazing vocalists, writers, labels for 2019; and that puts these next originals in a different ballpark.

You've performed at several festivals, including Coachella and Hangout. Do you have a favorite and what do you love most about playing at festivals?

Coachella was my favorite festival to perform at. Everything about it. The organization and staff were exactly how each festival should be. The crowd that showed up to my set was so excited and positive, and fun to interact with. The atmosphere and location is unmatched. Checked all the boxes.

Touring-wise, do you have any shows coming up? Where can fans catch you live?

I'm absolutely looking forward to going back to touring, and I can't wait to reunite with my fans, but this time in the studio has been amazing. It's going to be a short window until some of the bigger records I've made reach the airwaves, and starting in 2019 I'll be at a great point to come out of the studio and hit the stages!

If you hadn't taken the music route, what career path do you think you would have chosen?

I have no idea. I think my skills and interest were mostly in science and medicine, and I would have pursued that until I found something that drives my heart. If not for music, I would have searched for something else. I never wanted to do something for work that I didn't enjoy. I couldn't.

How would you sum up your music in two words?

My life.


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