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OPTE Review: The $600 Skincare Device That Erased My Dark Spots

I am not a makeup kind of person, but I am the kind of person who wants naturally beautiful skin without trying (or looking like I’m trying!). I also happen to have a good sprinkling of dark spots and sun spots around my cheeks, chin, and forehead, so you can see how I might run into some problems.

I’ve tried a morning routine of skincare that promises to get rid of my discoloration and a minimal, “no-makeup makeup” beauty routine: concealers, foundations, spot treatments, you name it. I found that to truly conceal my sun spots, I had to use fuller coverage makeup, which doesn’t blend well enough to look natural and somehow made my skin look dull. I was left with somehow more noticeable dark spots, except with a full coverage layer of makeup on top that never looked like my real skin. The skincare products I’ve tried that were meant to help fade my dark spots were often harsh with acid-based ingredients, without noticeable results.

I was talking to my brother and his wife about my makeup frustrations and he of all people told me about OPTE. He’s a no-bullshit technology and review researcher, but at first this device just seemed way too good to be true.

I did a deep dive before buying and learned that OPTE is the first and only skincare device in existence that was designed specifically for people with hyperpigmentation - so dark spots, sun spots, age spots, you name it. It claims to not only correct my dark spots and sun spots “on contact,” but to fade hyperpigmentation over time with active ingredients. On top of that, OPTE claims to make my skin look spot-free, yet look like bare skin with a natural glow. Sounds too good to be true right?

Here’s how it works: OPTE is a handheld device with an active, tinted Optimizing Serum inside. When you glide the OPTE over your skin, it actually scans your skin for discoloration and spots using a high-speed camera that takes 200 images of your skin per second. Then the Precision Skincare technology targets only the spots on your skin where it applies serum, instead of covering all of your skin the way makeup does - and even the way spot-fading creams do.

When I used OPTE for the first time, I watched as my spots immediately disappeared before my eyes like magic. I could not believe that I finally achieved the natural, no-makeup makeup look I’ve been trying to get for years. My spots were fully "camouflaged" and no longer visible. After I used OPTE, my skin looked fresh, healthy, and even-toned - my friend even complimented me that day, asked me what I've been using, and said my skin was “glowing.”

It made a lot of sense when I learned that OPTE actually 97% less product than other full-face complexion products like foundation. After OPTE, my skin looks like I'm wearing no makeup at all, except my spots are somehow gone. And I have this natural glow like I’ve been taking excellent care of my skin for years and wearing SPF every day. OPTE takes me 5-10 minutes to use, and now that I’m getting the hang of it more, it’s only taking me about 5 minutes for a full face. (Pro tip: I have sun spots on my hands and OPTE works wonders there too.)

But that’s not all. The Optimizing Serum inside the OPTE combines mineral pigments and 5% niacinamide to not only “camouflage" your dark spots, but visibly fade them over time. I was reading about niacinamide and 5% is actually clinically proven by real research to reduce the look of hyperpigmentation with regular use. Because of the mineral pigments in their formula, OPTE comes in 3 "shades" that work for 98% of all skin tones; OPTE's formulas adjust to your skin to camouflage your spots, so it does not need to be an exact shade match. (If you've ever struggled with finding your foundation or concealer shade match like I have for years, this is the product for you.)

Bonus: OPTE also prevents future dark spots from appearing! YEP. As it scans your dark spots, it also targets the subtlest skin discoloration (that might not even be visible to you yet) and delivers spot-fading skincare directly to that spot, basically stopping it in its tracks and preventing it from becoming visible at all.

Something I also always look at with skincare products is the ingredient list. My skin is super sensitive and freaks out with any harsh ingredient, so I was happy to see that their Optimizing Serum was formulated in Japan (and they know skincare) and is made up of only 11 ingredients. Its key ingredients are: 5% Niacinamide (vitamin B3), the natural mineral pigments (iron oxide and titanium oxide). It’s also completely oil-free and free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, fragrance, talc, and any animal-derived ingredients. That equals happy skin for me, since I’ve notoriously dealt with clogged pores after I switch to any new foundation, serum, or cream.

After a few weeks of using OPTE, it’s safe to say that I am now a believer. My skin has honestly never looked better and I haven’t been reaching for my foundation at all in the morning, which tells me everything I need to know. I still use concealer for my under-eye darkness, since OPTE was not made for that - but for my dark spots and sun spots? All I use is OPTE.

On a final note: Yes, this product is expensive. BUT, it’s saved me from continuing to spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and skincare products that have never worked and will never work to accomplish what I want for my skin (ahem, a natural glow, and nothing less). 10/10 would recommend.

Special offer for our readers: Get OPTE's Optimizing Peptide Moisturizer ($90 value) free with purchase of the Precision Skincare System using CODE: LUXE1. You must have both in your cart to receive the discount.


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