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Read This Before You Buy A Home Security Kit

Kangaroo’s Front Door Security Kit is a no hardwiring and no contract security kit that prioritizes ease and affordability, which you can tell by how easy it is to set up AND the price point. For just $119, this kit comes with a smart Doorbell Camera and Chime, Motion + Entry Sensors, Siren + Keypad, 2 Roo Tags (for easy arming and disarming), a full year of their Kangaroo Complete protection plan, and of course a yard sign and decals to deter intruders. Plus, all you need is a smartphone and WiFi to use Kangaroo. Everything is done right in the app, which makes this security kit the easiest to set up (no tools or hardwiring) and easiest to use day to day.

This kit comes with a Doorbell Camera and Motion + Entry Sensors, which means you’ll always get notified if someone’s at your door or motion is detected anywhere there’s a sensor.

Siren + Keypad included - Arm your home, hear when a visitor rings, or ward off intruders with an 85 decibel siren. Plus, it’s always listening for Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Alarms in your home and is ready to automatically call the fire department in case of emergencies, whether you’re there or not.

Roo Tags make arming and disarming the system even easier with just a tap to

the Siren. Perfect for guests, tennants, kids coming home from school…the opportunities are endless.

Complete coverage - with Kangaroo Complete (which is included with the Front Door Security Kit), you’ll get 24/7 professional monitoring AND up to $1000 theft reimbursement.

According to C+R Research, 43% of Americans had a package stolen in 2020, making home security a priority for everyone these days. Kangaroo doesn’t just keep an eye out for foul play, but the plans cover you when you detect theft.

Do yourself a favor and order a Front Door Security Kit today.

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