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Stryde is Revolutionizing Home Fitness...Here’s How:

If you're like me, the obligations of your job, friends, and family make it hard to stick to a workout regimen. Plus, the idea of dragging myself in front of the TV to endure another boring YouTube workout just isn't motivating. With minimal gyms open, I decided to look into investing in a high quality piece of workout equipment. I’m a runner, I love to cycle and occasionally get some weight training in. With budget in mind, my goal was to find the best all in one solution. When I was talking to some of my friends over a Zoom call, they mentioned checking out Stryde.

Stryde is a company disrupting the home fitness industry with their fitness bike. Stryde’s high performance bike not only offers great instructional content by partnering with elite cycling studios across the US, but it also gives you a lot of flexibility because their tablet allows you to download apps to access a wide range of other fitness and media content. Their aim is to provide you with diversity in workouts making sure you never get bored. An added perk is that the bike comes with quiet magnetic resistance technology to help you track the performance of your workout.

This sounded great but I also wanted to see what other companies offered...And after looking and comparing Stryde to other exercise bikes like Peloton, I decided to go with Stryde. Here’s why.

The Coaches:

The coaches on Stryde are from the top boutique studios from around the country. That means that you can work out with motivating instructors who teach in a wide variety of styles, from performance in the saddle workouts similar to Peloton, to rhythm-based choreography classes like Soulcycle, and who are also real and approachable people.

With some of the nation’s top instructors teaching on Stryde, it's great to know that your fitness workout will have plenty of diversity. Often people give up on going to the gym and workout classes because an instructor isn't inspiring. With Stryde, there isn’t a set formula which allows each of the instructors to bring something different to the platform, giving riders a fresh experience with every ride. The instructors are also a huge part of what makes the Stryde community as a whole so fun. They listen to the riders on social media to improve and adapt to what is preferred for the community. This provides a sense of inclusivity and true personal connection that isn’t often found in home fitness.

Variety of Content & Classes

Doing the same kind of workouts day in and day out leads many people to burn out and quit holding themselves accountable. Stryde believes in empowering users to create their own workout experience and their tablet allows you to do just that. Download apps and access any type of content you’d like ranging from your favorite Netflix or Amazon show, to other fitness apps giving you full control over your fitness experience, so you’re not locked into just using one app for as long as you own your bike. This flexibility is a huge differentiator compared to Peloton that only gives you access to its app on the tablet and subscription is required. With Stryde, if you want to pause your subscription for a month and still use the tablet to access other apps, while keeping an eye on your bike’s metrics – you can.

High Quality Bike

Stryde’s bike is incredibly well-built, sturdy and uses magnetic resistance to keep track of your performance. The overall quality of construction and ride is on the same level as Peloton, to me the main difference between the two bikes is the design – and I really like how the Stryde bike looks. The bike’s magnetic resistance works on 0 through 100 percent scale, allowing you to easily change resistance levels to mirror an uphill ride or a flat road. It also shows you performance information like watts and distance, which get recorded into your workout history if you’re taking a class on the Stryde app.

Built for Normal People

One of the problems with joining other programs like a CrossFit gym is that, when you get there, almost everyone else already has the endurance and strength of the instructors.

Stryde is built for every fitness level, taking out the intimidation of trying new things out at the gym. The personalization of Stryde workouts is unmatched with instructors that know how to motivate you and get you outside of your comfort zone.

Less Than The Price of Peloton

The price of Stryde is $1,645 with the option of financing at a rate of $52/month for 36 months.

Peloton’s base model is $1,895, while Bike+ is $2,495. In addition, Stryde’s optional membership is $29.99 compared to Peloton’s at $39.99. With Peloton if you’re not a subscriber, the tablet doesn’t allow you to do anything else, while with Stryde, you can pause your membership and still get access to the rest of the tablet’s functionality.

Why Stryde is Better

Stryde is the most versatile at home-fitness experience available––it's more than just an exercise bike and a tablet. You're guided by country’s leading cycling coaches who help you achieve your fitness goal while you’re on and off the bike. Whatever your fitness level, they will help you , achieve your fitness goals, giving you a better understanding of how you're challenging your whole body.

They offer access to a variety of content paired with a studio-quality magnetic resistance bike at a price you can’t beat. That’s why I chose Stryde.

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