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This Is Officially The BEST Present For An Engagement Party

When a close friend recently got engaged, I wanted to make sure that the gift I got for her engagement celebration was really unique. I didn’t have a huge budget, but I was determined to find something that would be special and memorable. After spending hours searching for the perfect present, I was getting discouraged. Everything I was finding was either too expensive, too tacky, or just not her style. I had almost resigned myself to just bringing a nice bottle of wine. But then I came across the Engaged Couples Game from Live Deeply.

As the name suggests, it’s a game for engaged couples, but what first caught my eye was the beautiful packaging and design. The card game comes in a beautiful box with a sophisticated floral design. Inside are 60 cards with six categories of different prompts meant to celebrate the couple and get to know them better. After reading the reviews, it seemed like just the gift I was looking for and I placed an order.

The day of the engagement party, I was so excited to give my friend her gift. As soon as she opened it, she decided that she wanted to give it a try right away, so we cleared the table of all the other gifts and broke open the box. (Unsurprisingly, the packaging got a ton of compliments.) The instructions were super clear and easy for everyone to understand immediately. The categories are designed to playfully test how well the couple know each other (and themselves), recount the best stories from their relationship, share plans and dreams for the future, and receive heartfelt advice and reflections from guests.

Questions like “What is their superpower?”, “What is your theme song as a couple?”, and “What was the first thing you noticed about them?” provided a fun and meaningful way to get everyone to open up and share honestly. All the guests were really engaged and we learned so much more about the couple than we would have through regular conversation. Lots of laughter, a few (happy) tears, and tons of “Awws” showed that people were really enjoying the game. In fact, later that evening after the party had ended, my friend texted me and said, “Thank you so much for coming today! Don’t tell anyone, but your gift was my favorite 🤫”

For anyone looking for a present to an engagement party or bridal shower, the Live Deeply Engaged Couples Game should be it. Simple, beautiful, and meaningful. What more could you ask for to celebrate the people you love the most?


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