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Truly Clear: The One-Step Solution That Keeps My Skin Clear Every Day

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled with acne. Now raise your hand even higher if you thought it would end with puberty but it’s actually followed you into adulthood too. Those of you who currently have both hands up waving around frantically - you are my people.

I’ve had on-and-off issues with facial blemishes and acne for most of my life, and I’ve just about tried everything out there aside from peeling my skin off. In one of my desperate internet searches to find something that might actually work, I came across Truly Clear. And the rest (the past few weeks, so far) is blissful history.

They’re known for their one-step blemish bar, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was really just one step: wash your face. Or any other part of your body that needs the love, it’s an all-around kind of product (back, chest, really anywhere).

I decided to order their welcome kit first, which comes with their classic blemish bar and soap dish. Let me break down some of my highlights from using this product:

Natural ingredients

I have to say, I love that Truly Clear flaunts that it’s 98.42% natural and doesn’t round up to sound more promotional. They’re honest about what they are, which is an FDA-approved one-step product to treat acne that consists of all-natural ingredients.

It also doesn’t smell fruity or overly fragrant in any way; it’s dye and perfume free which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Don’t worry though, it’s also the perfect option for dry, oily, combination, and everything-in-between skin.

While a lot of acne treatments consist of drying alcohol and additives that only make your acne worse, Truly Clear is alcohol-free and chock-full of nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E to keep your skin looking healthy. This allows the acne-fighting ingredient, salicylic acid, to do its work without the drying side effects.

Simple to use

Like they said: one step blemish bar. All you have to do is… wash yourself with this bar of soap. I wish it were more complicated than that so I’d have a little more to say here, but that’s about it.

Okay, I will say a little more though. Truly Clear basically took what all of us were thinking – that most acne products out there take multiple steps to apply, usually include a “special” (ahem, expensive) brush, and take weeks to show any results, if any – and came up with an actual one-step solution that only requires you to wash your face, back, chest, or any other part of your body. Gotta give them a round of applause here.

Different products for different needs

They have a few different products: cleansing soap, acne patches, cleansing pads, as well as some kits and subscriptions. I went with their classic bar of soap, the “blemish bar”, but I’ll be stocking up on those cleansing pads as well. And some acne patches, because it still happens to the best of us.

Simple Subscriptions

They offer a monthly subscription at only $20 that automatically refills for you so you don’t even have to think about it. It comes with their cleansing bar, a case for it, free shipping for the duration of your subscription, and some extra swag. You can also cancel the subscription whenever you want (again, it’s monthly), but the timing on the refill has been pretty perfect for me.

It actually works

I think that’s the biggest point here; I’ve been using the blemish bar for a couple of weeks now and my skin has never looked or felt so smooth and clear. The search for my perfect acne treatment seems to be over, and it is about damn time. Thank you, Truly Clear.

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