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Why You Need to Switch Your Cat Food to Made by Nacho

For all you cat owners out there, I know how difficult the search can be to find the best food for them. On the one hand you want it to be nutritious, and on the other hand you want him or her to actually enjoy eating it - turns out those two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. After endless research and talking to cat parent friends about their overall favorite cat food brand, I’m pleased to share that Made by Nacho has become my favorite as well.

First of all, if I’m looking for a quality cat food brand, I’m going to trust the world renowned chef. Yes, Bobby Flay is a people-food chef, but he also has an adorable cat named Nacho and decided to create cat-crafted cat food too. Made by Nacho makes wet and dry food options as well as freeze-dried treats, and they even offer “Nacho’s Tasting Menu” which is basically bundle options of all of the above. It’s always great to have a wide selection with picky cats - keeps things interesting.

Secondly, when I first fed my cat Made by Nacho – I went with the wet grass-fed beef and dry cage-free chicken recipes to start – he was clearly more into mealtime than he normally is. I took it as a promising sign but also kept in mind that it could just be because it was new and different. Fast forward a few weeks of feeding my cat Made by Nacho, and that excitement hasn’t gone away. He doesn’t walk around sniffing the bowl or looking at me like I betrayed him, he just goes right for it, and if you have a cat (why else would you be reading this) you know how much that means. He’s also just started to show up out of nowhere when I’m preparing food for him, which I’ll take as a great sign.

I was also really happy to see that this is all actually backed by science - Nacho’s vet is very much in the picture and has signed off on Made by Nacho as nutritious and full of premium ingredients that keep cats healthy. They’ve developed food sourced with real animal protein: cage-free chicken, sustainably caught salmon and grass-fed beef. Their wet food is made with bone broth which adds hydration, even more protein, and collagen, and their dry food menu is also high protein (literally all of their stuff is mainly protein, which is great) with extra freeze-dried bits.

It’s safe to say I have a new cat food brand that I’ll be sticking very closely to from now on. If you want less dirty looks during mealtime and an overall healthier and happier cat, Made By Nahco is the way to go.

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