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5 Ways This New App Is Helping Creators Make Money On Social

For creators with over 10,000 followers on Instagram, the number of messages coming in from followers, potential clients, and interested collaborators can be overwhelming. Staying on top of your inbox can be a daunting task, and one that feels almost impossible to get through. But creators know that by not responding quickly to these inquiries, they’re leaving money on the table. A new app is looking to change this and put creators back in control of their inboxes, helping them to connect with their potential.

HiBeam is a unified, prioritized inbox that automatically filters out the noise and helps bring order to comment and DM chaos. So how does it work? The HiBeam app for iOS and Android works by automatically monitoring your inbox and comments, and prioritizing them so you know what to respond to first. This free tool alone could be game-changing for a content creator with a large enough audience. But the app does way more than helping people stay organized.

HiBeam also offers paid tools to help users to build their audience, convert followers to text subscribers, analyze comments for collaboration opportunities, and even run auctions for their work just by sending a message. Sounds too good to be true? HiBeam gives creators the ability to truly leverage their social platforms to build their business and earning potential. We’re going to break down each feature:

1. Inbox management

HiBeam creates a free prioritized inbox that sorts messages by topic (for example, purchase requests, collaboration opportunities, and content feedback), making it much easier to filter through and ensure you’re not missing important messages. It also allows you to set context-based notification rules so you don’t miss the messages that are most important to you. One example of this might be turning on notifications if you get a message from an account with over 20,000 followers, but it’s totally up to the user.

2. Build Your Audience

HiBeam automatically prioritizes messages from your followers, but it also allows you to convert your DMs to followers automatically. If someone who isn’t following you sends a message, you can automatically send them a response encouraging them to follow you so that their message will show up higher in your queue.

3. Analyze Comments

When you’re getting hundreds of comments, it can be hard to filter through everything and make sure you haven’t missed anything important. HiBeam can analyze your Instagram comments to find purchase requests from your users, allowing you to follow up and close the sale.

4. Convert DMs to Text Subscribers

One of the biggest challenges with Instagram is staying on top of the ever-changing algorithm. That’s why it’s important to build your list of text subscribers, and HiBeam can help you do just that. Through the app, you can let the people who DM you know that you share product drops and exclusive content releases to your text list and encourage them to subscribe. With HiBeam, you can own the relationship instead of just hoping the Instagram algorithm will show people your content.

5. Run Auctions

With HiBeam, running an eBay-like auction is as easy as sending a message. There’s no need for your audience to move to other 3rd party websites to participate in an auction, and no need for complicated setup on your end. HiBeam automatically drives the entire bidding process for you by accepting bids, letting bidders know if they are outbid, and selecting a winner. With features like a real-time countdown, you can drive excitement and urgency like any great auction experience. Drive up to 83% price increases vs. comparable comment or DM fixed price sales of similar items with this game-changing feature.

And in case you were wondering, HiBeam is an authorized Meta developer for Instagram, so you can safely connect without ever risking your account or even giving us your password. It’s completely secure.

With all of these incredibly helpful tools, HiBeam is changing the way that creators engage, earn, and grow. Learn more about this powerful new platform and download the app to take your earning potential to the next level.


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