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Can This Device Cure ED? My Honest Review of MysteryVibe’s Tenuto 2

When I hit my 40s, I began to notice a decline in my, how shall I say, performance in the bedroom. Erections were harder to come by (no pun intended) and when I was able to get it up, I couldn’t maintain it for long. I knew that ED is common in men over 40, but I also had a lot going on in my life - busy job, kids, and general stress about the state of the world.

So, my initial thought was that all this anxiety was causing the problems and it would go away. But after a few months, the ED was getting noticeably worse and I decided to do something about it. My first course of action was doing research online. I didn’t really want to go to the doctor and bringing it up at a boys’ night wasn’t an option. I assumed that Viagra would be the route I’d have to take, but I wanted to find a solution without the side effects of headaches, upset stomach, or 4-hour erections.

It was during this initial search when I came across a brand called MysteryVibe. The company uses the latest advances in medical technology, material science, and sexual health research to design devices that address major issues like ED, pain and arousal. So, I took the quiz on their website to see which product would work best for me.

Based on my answers they recommended the Tenuto 2, which is designed to help “get erect, stay erect, supercharge performance & have long lasting sex.” I was skeptical. If this thing was really this good, why hadn’t I heard of it before? Then I remembered that most guys, myself included, don’t want to broadcast their ED struggles to the world.

After doing some more research on the Tenuto 2, my interest was piqued. The product is really impressive. It was designed by leading urologists, backed by a decade of research, won over 30 awards, FDA registered, clinically proven to improve erection by 2x within 5 weeks. And after reading the endorsements (one actually said, “Tenuto is…HEAVEN.”) and seeing it’s endorsed by from Mayo Clinic & Cedars-Sinai, I was convinced to place an order.

The package arrived quickly and discreetly. To be honest, I was embarrassed about ordering a vibrator and didn’t want to announce it to all the neighbors, but with the inconspicuous packaging, there was no worry of that.

I opened my order and was impressed by the sleek, modern packaging and design. It felt a little bit like unboxing an iPhone. I got the Tenuto 2 out of the box and it was beautiful to hold. After a quick review of the instructions, it was easy to get on.

The flexible front of Tenuto 2 can fit all penis sizes and the back part stimulates the perineum. When you first put it on, it takes a minute to get used to. That night my wife and I decided to give it a try. She had never made any comments about my ED, but I knew that it was affecting her, so I was hopeful that this could be the solution to our problems.

I got my parts situated properly and switched on one of the preset vibration patterns. The Tenuto 2 delivers a 360 degree stimulation all over the penis and perineum with its 4 anatomically placed motors & 16 intensity levels. I felt a huge rush of blood through my body and my penis immediately stood at attention.

While I had ordered the Tenuto 2 to help with my ED, I was thrilled to see that my wife was enjoying its powerful vibrations on her just as much as I was – a very welcome side effect! MysteryVibe says that their products are designed for “your ultimate erection and your partner’s gratefulness,” so perhaps this shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I was so focused on my own issue that I didn’t consider that the Tenuto 2 would stimulate her so well and make our intimacy so much better.

I won’t go into much more detail here, but I’ll add that only after one session with the Tenuto 2, my skepticism was gone. I achieved and maintained a stronger erection than I had in years, and MysteryVibe’s promise of “earth-shattering orgasms” had come true.

Based on the fact that she was trying to catch her breath minutes later, I was confident that she was happy with my new purchase as well. Long story short, the Tenuto 2 has radically improved my relationship and has given me back the confidence that was lacking due to ED. As the reviewer before said, it’s “HEAVEN!”

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