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Does Umamicart Live Up To The Buzz? Here’s What We Thought

It seemed like everywhere we looked recently, we were hearing about Umamicart, an online Asian grocer that delivers food and pantry staples directly to customers. From CNN to Real Simple to Vice, it kept popping up on our radar, so we decided we needed to do some research of our own. We did a deep dive on Umamicart’s website, looking closely at the products, learning about the company and, most importantly, placing an order of our own. Here’s what we learned!

1. What exactly is Umamicart anyway? Umamicart is an online grocer that offers a curated selection of Asian products. From timeless staples to new, distinctly Asian American products and ingredients, they have a wide selection of delicious items that they deliver right to your doorsteps. They currently have products across East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. If you’re looking for a specific cuisine, you can even filter by cuisine on the website.

2. So… is it like an H-Mart?

In some ways, but definitely not in others. In addition to not having to spend time physically going to the store (a big one for me), Umamicart has a much more curated selection of products, so you don’t need to search through thousands of items to find the best ones. You can just trust they’re all good. Unlike H-Mart, Umamicart also has a big selection of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino products and more, and we loved trying ramen and snacks from different Asian cuisines. Plus they have next day delivery, so you don’t have to wait long after you’ve placed your order.

3. Where do they deliver? Umamicart currently delivers to most states in the US, and they’re expanding quickly. To check if they deliver to you, just go to the website and use the zip code checker at the top of the screen.

4. Where do they source their products? The Umamicart team is devoted to curating a selection of high-quality and delicious products by partnering with reputable distributors and independent brands. Every product is vetted by their sourcing team to ensure every product is up to their standards. We like that they prioritize working with small and emerging Asian American brands as well as mom and pop Asian distributors.. All these new brands are featured on the Asian American Brands page - we found tons of new favorites here.

5. Is the packaging eco-friendly? Their packaging is made from paper, plant-based materials, recycled materials, and/or materials that are certified to be easily biodegradable or compostable. Like many delivery services, their cardboard boxes can be broken down and placed in the recycling bin. But what makes them stand out is that their insulation liners are made from PET fiber, sourced almost entirely from recycled drink bottles, and they are fully curbside recyclable. Ice packs included with perishable orders are also durable and reusable, and the gel refrigerant is certified safe and non-toxic.

6. Do they charge for shipping? Shipping costs depend on your location and order amount, but orders over $49 ship for free. If we’re being honest, we think it would be hard to not hit that $49 threshold because there’s so much good stuff to choose from.

7. Is it worth it? In our opinion, yes - absolutely! The website is easy to use - we’ve checked out other Asian grocery delivery services before and Umamicart’s website is miles ahead. There’s an amazing selection of unique products, and our order arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It’s so convenient to get all these hard to find ingredients in one place and delivered right to your door. This definitely won’t be our only order!


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