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Does Your Dog Love You?

A very happy Golden Retriever

I once read a post that said ‘Dogs are proof that you don’t need words to express your love’ and I think about that a lot cause it’s so true!

Dogs can’t speak (maybe they can, but we’ll never know) but they have their own way of showing affection.

And yes, we all know that tail wagging is a sign of happiness but there are other ways our furry friends show their affection. And I’m about to reveal them all.

A Lot of Licking!

A dog licking its owner on a hike

The next time your dog licks you, don’t push them away! It’s their way of giving you a bunch of doggy kisses. They’re basically saying, "Hey there, I love you so much!" 

Dogs lick for attention too. So, if your pup's giving you a lick, they could be asking for some playtime, cuddles, or just a good ol' petting session. Either way, it’s a good sign!

They Lean On You!

A woman using a phone on the couch with her dog leaning on her

When your furry friend comes over and leans against your legs or sits right next to you, they're saying, "I trust you and I want you close to me at all times" 

It's their way of showing trust and love. For many dogs, this lean is just like a big, warm hug. So, if your dog wants to cuddle up close, just let them do it in their own way – no need to rush or force anything, which honestly I am personally guilty of sometimes! But then again, who can resist a snuggly soft doggo!

Constantly Looks For You 

A woman taking her Corgi out for a walk and the Corgi keeps staring at her

Dogs have a way of knowing when we're feeling down or under the weather. Don’t ask me how I have no idea either. But you’ll notice that they often come over to keep us company or offer comfort, especially if we're sick, sad, or hurt. 

You might also notice this when you're out and about with your pup, too. For instance, if you take your dog out to a dog park, your dog might run along but will always look for you to ensure you're right there. 

It's like they're saying, "Hey, I see you!" If your furry friend keeps checking in on you like this, it's a sign that your bond is super strong.

When They Bring You Their Toys

A person playing tug of war with their dog on the porch

When your dog brings you their toys, they’re not just asking you to play – it's also a sign of affection and trust. They're saying, "Hey, I want to share my favorite things with you!" And dogs don’t just share their possessions with anyone!

And if your furry friend picks you as their playmate, it's a huge honor. They're choosing to spend time with you because they love being around you. Playing together strengthens your bond and shows just how much they adore you.

So, make sure you've got a good variety of toys on hand – for example, puzzle toys, chew toys, and fetch toys – to keep your dog entertained and happy during playtime!

They Love Stealing Your Possessions

If your dog has a habit of snatching your clothes, it's because they want to be near your smell. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, much stronger than ours. So when they grab your socks or shirt, they're just trying to feel close to you.

It might not be the best behavior, but studies show that dogs are most interested in the smell of their humans. It's how they learn about the world around them and feel connected to us.

Wondering If You’re Their Favourite Person?

A woman kissing her dog

Ever wondered why your furry friend seems to be more into you than anyone else? Well, it's probably because you're their absolute favorite! But why? It all boils down to how you treat them.

If you respect their space, spend lots of quality time cuddling and playing, give them yummy treats, or simply play a big role in their daily routine, you'll stand out in their eyes. 

You'll know your pup adores you the most when they:

  • Lean or sit on you more than anyone else

  • Stick by your side all the time

  • Get super excited and zoom around when you come home

  • Look deeply into your eyes

  • Bring you their favorite toys or gifts

  • Wag their tail like crazy when they hear your name

  • Make funny faces at you

  • Shower you with licks

  • Have a thing for your clothes, rather than others'

In conclusion, our furry companions have their own unique ways of showing love and affection, even without uttering a single word. 

So, the next time your dog leans on you, licks your face, or brings you their favorite toy, remember it's their way of saying, "I love you!" 

Embrace these moments, cherish the bond you share, and continue to shower them with the same love and affection they give us every day. After all, dogs truly are proof that love knows no bounds – not even language barriers!


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