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Dr. Armen Cares About Your Smile

Growing up, my mother made seeing the best doctors a top priority. So I know a lot

about top doctors and dentists and how they operate and through her network, I ended

up with the best doctors in New York. Now, in my thirties, I see the top plastic surgeons,

dermatologists, cosmetologists, and dentists in the world. But I felt moved to write about

my experience with the best doctor I’ve encountered in my years as an image-

conscious woman living in New York City, my dentist, Dr. Armen.

Two years ago, I had my first consultation for a nose job. I held off on the decision for a

few months while I got input from friends and family. During that time, I went for a

consultation with Dr. Armen at New York Smile Institute (located on Fifth Avenue),

referred by a trusted friend. Dr. Armen helped me realize that my small teeth and off

center smile were throwing off the rest of my facial features. By enhancing my smile, Dr.

Armen could achieve the look that would improve my confidence.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Armen for two years now, but he had my smile looking as beautiful

as ever in just the first two visits. Dr. Armen is very talented. He’s meticulous and

precise and the whole experience was truly a pleasure. 

I know what you’re thinking, how can sitting in a dentist chair be a pleasure? But the

dentists at New York Smile Institute have a strict no pain policy, which means if you can

feel anything at all, they will not work on you. I even asked for less Novocaine once

because I was going shopping for lipstick at Saks after, but that was a no-go by Dr.

Armen. It was painless! 

He’s confident he can achieve the look you desire. 

During my consultation, I told Dr. Armen I wanted teeth like Julia Roberts. He laughed

with me and we had fun experimenting with options. Turns out, my existing bite wouldn’t

allow for big teeth like Julia’s could. So instead of saying it wasn’t possible -- like so

many other dentists had told me, he explained what needed to be done to achieve her


First, he would build up my molars to change my bite. Then he’d cap each of my top

teeth with pearly white ceramic crowns. He’d also put onlays on the sides of a few

molars that showed when I smiled so there was no empty space between my smile and

my lips. This would make my smile look fuller and richer. Best of all, he’d go through the

entire process during the first visit using temporary material to make sure I was happy

and it was perfect. 

He’s humble and he takes great pride in his work.

Dr. Armen was so humble. Rather than treat me like a patient who didn’t know better,

he allowed me to give my input. Afterall, it’s my mouth. But Dr. Armen took so much

pride in his work that it seemed he cared more than I did. He wouldn’t stop improving

my smile until it was absolutely perfect.

He’ll have you looking like a million bucks in just your first two visits.

After the temps were set, he prepped my teeth. My molars were all capped with larger

teeth to make my bite bigger. Then he prepped my top row of teeth and put on temps,

which looked SO much better than my existing veneers done by another top dentist in

the city. My smile looked flawless by visit two, even though I was in temps.

He’s a perfectionist and he really cares about making his patients beautiful.

We experimented with different looks for the temporary teeth until I was sure it was

perfect. It seemed like Dr. Armen cared more about my smile than I did. He stuck to the

mission of enhancing my smile, which completely changed my look, and soon everyone

would notice and comment. A couple of friends asked me if I had my nose done during

the few weeks when I was in temps. My sister-in-law recognized immediately: “your

teeth look gorgeous!” It made me feel so good.

He’s got the best staff and best dentists in the world behind him.

His staff is also all wonderful across the board and the office is very warm and inviting.

They even emailed and called after my first few visits to make sure I was comfortable

and happy. They were extremely accommodating when scheduling appointments, and

when I had to be seen immediately, they never hesitated to make room. That’s so

important when you see the best doctors because often they’re unavailable and too

busy. But New York Smile Institute treats their patients like gold.

The other dentists at New York Smile Institute will also come in to consult and give their

opinions to each other and their patients. World class service.

He works with the best lab in the world.

I had the chance to go to the lab, also located nearby Dr. Armen’s office on Fifth

Avenue to see the ceramists at work. He wanted to show them how he wanted the

onlays created to cover the tiny bit of space in the corners of my mouth so that when I

smiled, I’d be all teeth :). As I said, he’s a perfectionist who really cares.

He’s got the best energy.

Perhaps most importantly, he’s a really nice person with great energy. It’s all about

solidarity and helping out another human being, especially during unprecedented times

like these. Just this week, I sent a friend to Dr. Armen and she pointed out something

I’ve come to know well. Dr. Armen has great energy and keeps all his patients happy

and at ease in his chair. He makes the whole experience truly enjoyable. How many can

say that about going to the dentist? One consultation and you’ll see for yourself.

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