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Holiday Gifting Ideas From My Favorite Online Grocer

It’s the time of year, when I start putting together the list of holiday gifts I need to get for friends and family. When it comes to my friends who are food lovers or home chefs, I always struggle to find something unique that they will actually use and enjoy. But this year I’ve got a secret weapon. Online grocery store Umamicart, which sells some of my favorite Asian products and ingredients, has curated a selection of gifts at a variety of price points that are perfect for the foodies on my list. Here are the gifts I’m most excited about:

1. The MEGA Pantry Collection: Perfect for someone who has recently moved or someone who is looking to get into Asian cooking, this gift kit is no joke. From staples like soy sauce and five spice to new essentials like Fly By Jing and Mother in Law's, it has all the flavors they need to stock their kitchen!

2. Heat Up the Holidays Chili Sauce Set: For the spice lovers in your life, this gift set is an absolute must buy. With 9 of the most popular Chili Oils and Sauces out there, this kit is sure to be their favorite gift this year.

3. Chocolates for Secret Santa Chocolates Gift Set: If you need a Secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer, this set of premium hand-crafted chocolates from Singapore is just the thing. They even come handpacked in a purple gifting bag! (Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you get a few for yourself because I did, too.)

4. Spicy Surprise White Elephant Gift Set: Another great option for a gift exchange is this set of Umamicart’s three hottest sauces. The set comes packed in a purple gifting bag, but you may also want to add a fun warning label on this fiery present!

5. Coffee & Tea Time Gift Set: For the friend who needs multiple cups of coffee or tea to make it through the day, this gift set will be a huge hit. Two popular coffees & teas are paired perfectly with sweet and fruity spreads that highlight delicate Asian flavors.

6. Hot Hot Holidays Chili Sauce Gift Set: This gift kit includes the Umamicart taste-testing team’s favorite spicy specials. (Say that 5 times fast!) It includes classic chili crisps, an Umami-filled Vietnamese chili sauce, and a put-on-everything Kimchi mayo. (This is another one I’m grabbing for myself!)

7. Culinary Adventures Gift Set: For the home chef looking to experiment or expand their horizons, this gift set will be a welcome addition to the kitchen. The spices and sauces (many of which are Umamicart exclusives) will keep the recipient engaged for weeks!

Whether the person on your list has a sweet tooth, is a spice lover, or needs a full pantry overhaul, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift at Umamicart. It couldn’t be easier to find unique and delicious gifts that they will not only love, but actually use! Head to Umamicart to pick up presents for all the foodies on your list!

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