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Say Bye Bye To Bumps & Irritation With This Premium Wax Brand

As an esthetician with a small salon, I'm always looking for ways to provide my clients with the best experience, whether it’s premium products, top quality services, or a beautiful, calming atmosphere. I felt like I had most of it covered, but the one area I felt I was falling short was waxing. I needed multiple waxes for different body parts, which made the space look cluttered and messy (and meant that I needed to place multiple orders for different products each month). And more importantly, the waxes usually left clients with bumps and irritation - not exactly how anyone wants to leave the salon. I knew there had to be a better option out there, but after trying out multiple brands and formulations, I came up empty-handed. Until I came across Nova Wax.

I saw an ad for Nova Wax on Instagram and quickly realized that I already followed the founder, Liz Lugo (or perhaps you know her as - @browsby_liz). Knowing that the wax has been formulated by an esthetician immediately made me feel more confident in trying it, since she definitely understood the pain points that industry professionals deal with on a daily basis. The rave reviews just cemented this hunch, so I decided to place an order for the Standard Hard Wax Bundle. The website was really easy to use and their team was able to answer a few questions I had promptly and thoroughly.

When my order arrived a few days later, I was excited to try it out on myself. I have really sensitive skin, so I figured that if it worked well on me, it could be a game changer for my clients and my business. I tried Nova Wax on my underarms and upper lip. What is usually a painful and unpleasant experience was, dare I say, perfectly pleasant. Nova Wax has a low melting point so it doesn’t scald your skin, and it’s extremely elastic which means that it dries faster. Plus, it doesn’t require strips, so less waste!

After removing the wax on my lip with a single pull, I was thrilled to see that it had removed both the fine and coarse hairs. I didn’t even need to go over any areas again. When I looked in the mirror a few minutes later, my lip was a barely noticeable light pink, not the splotchy red I was used to. After a similar experience on my underarms, I was sold. And I should mention that the delicate white floral and freesia scent is divine.

I brought the kit to the studio the next day and tried it out on a longtime client who was getting her eyebrows done. After a few pulls I said, “Ok you’re all set.” She looked at me in shock and said, “That’s it?” As with the test I did on myself, Nova Wax picked up all of the hairs in a single sweep. No need to go over areas multiple times or tweeze leftover hairs. Her appointment, which usually took about 20 minutes, took less than 10. And she left the studio free of any redness. Since then, I’ve tried Nova Wax on tons of different clients and on all body parts with similar results.

While Nova Wax is a bit more expensive than other options on the market, my overall spending on wax has decreased since I began using the product. Because it’s so effective at removing all types of hair, I usually just have to do a single pass on clients. With other waxes I was having to go over the same area multiple times, meaning that I was using so much more wax per client and causing irritation in the process. Not a great look.

And in addition to using less wax, my appointments are generally shorter now as well, meaning that I can get more clients through the door (and make more money!). For estheticians who want to provide a premium waxing experience, I can’t recommend Nova Wax enough. My clients love it, my spending is down, and my income is up. Who knew changing my wax could transform my business? Win. Win. Win.

Pro tip: for the biggest return on your investment for your business, join their NovaPRO program for exclusive discounts and preferred pricing on wholesale waxing supplies.


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