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I Was Skeptical About Herbal Wellness, But This Product Changed My Life!

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I’m a 27-year-old editor, working hard to build my career at a busy blog platform. My job usually means spending long hours at a desk, carefully reviewing articles, meeting tight deadlines, and coordinating with writers and other team members. During busy seasons, especially when many projects come up at once, I often end up working 50-hour weeks back-to-back, leaving me with little to no time to plan or cook meals. New Customers save 15% at

As a result, I often resorted to ordering takeout, whether it was lunchtime at the office or dinner at home. It was working for some time, until mid-February when I started experiencing heartburn and stomach discomfort. My guess is that I have been consuming too much oils and processed foods. I decided to power through it all but my symptoms only got worse. Naturally, I did what anyone else in my position would do: I picked up some over-the-counter medication. While it did provide me some relief in the beginning, I noticed myself being dependent on it a lot. And that can’t be good in the long run. So, I stopped taking the medication for a while, and the symptoms persisted.


One day, I met up with an old friend for lunch, and after the meal, I experienced the same discomfort. My friend noticed and asked what was wrong. I ended up confiding in her about my issue. She immediately pulled out her phone and showed me a website that sells herbal medicine called Urban Moonshine.

My first thought was, "Do herbal products really work?"

She went on to describe the brand, Urban Moonshine, and how it had helped her husband with his indigestion issues. Though I listened, I remained skeptical. Nevertheless, she sounded very convincing. Once back home, I decided to do some research of my own.

I learned that Urban Moonshine produces herbal wellness products, including herbal bitters, tonics, and syrups. They focus on using high-quality, organic ingredients. Formulated for efficacy & safety through modern research & traditional herbal wisdom. Urban Moonshine products often aim to aid digestion, support the immune system, and improve stress & mood through natural herbal remedies*.


I was particularly interested in Urban Moonshine's Original Bitters. The bottle contains dandelion root, ginger, fennel, and gentian, all of which are well-known and researched for their digestive benefits. Ginger soothes discomfort and stimulates digestion, fennel relieves gas and bloating, while gentian stimulates digestion and enhances appetite. Still not convinced, I closed my laptop without making a purchase, needing some time to mull over whether it was worth it. A few days later, I received a parcel. Opening it, I was surprised to find an Urban Moonshine product inside, the Original Bitters. Attached to it was a note saying:

"Try this for a few weeks and see if it helps!"

It was a thoughtful gesture from my dear friend. Truth be told, despite my initial skepticism, I was kind of excited to try it out. I was desperate for relief. Based on my previous research on Urban Moonshine, I learned that for digestion issues, you’re supposed to take the bitters before or after meals. So, I waited until 10-15 minutes before dinner to give it a try.

You have two options for taking the product: you can either squeeze the dropper to draw up the liquid and dispense it directly into your mouth, ideally under your tongue, or you can mix the extract with a small amount of water.

I opted for the first method. As I dropped the liquid into my mouth, I couldn't help but wince—it was incredibly bitter! I had to force myself to swallow it. Fifteen minutes later, I had my dinner. Typically, I'd start experiencing heartburn in the middle of the night, ruining my sleep. But that night, I slept like a baby!

Feeling refreshed the next morning after a full eight hours of sleep, I packed the bottle in my lunch bag. At work, I decided to drop the bitters into a couple of ounces of water to dilute its bitterness, as taking it directly was too intense for me. With the water, it wasn't as challenging to swallow and I noticed the other aromatic and warming flavors!

I made the bitters a regular part of my pre-meal routine and noticed a significant improvement. Of course, I also made an effort on my end to start making my own meals. But, the combination of healthy eating and herbal medicine has truly made a difference! Throughout the day, I experience no discomfort. My work performance and social interactions noticeably improved. Thanks to relief from indigestion, I found myself being much less irritable. Overall, I became a much happier person. It's crazy how a seemingly minor issue like indigestion could have such a huge impact on my life!

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It's funny how skeptical I was about this product at first. Now, it's become an essential part of my daily routine.

If you're anything like me—unsure about herbal medicines or simply lacking knowledge on the topic—I highly recommend visiting Urban Moonshine's website to learn more and consider placing an order. This may be a bold claim but it truly was life-changing for me!


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