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The Kitchen Robot That Changed The Way I Cook

After a long day at work, I would love to be able to make something complex, healthy and delicious, but I just don’t have the time or energy. I really enjoy cooking, but I had been finding it almost impossible to make the time to shop for, prepare, and cook healthy food on a regular basis, so I was relying way too much on unhealthy takeout or letting the things in my fridge go bad. And I wasn’t alone. I had had many conversations with friends (usually over take out) about how we just couldn’t crack the code on a cooking routine that we could actually stick to.

But a few months ago, I went to a friend’s place for - gasp! - a home-cooked meal after work one day. This friend is, to put it nicely, not known for her culinary skills, so I was shocked when she placed a plate of red wine braised short ribs in front of me. “Ok, where did you order from?” I asked. “Just try it and I’ll tell you,” she laughed. I looked at her skeptically and took my first bite. The meat was perfectly tender, as were the carrots. Served over creamy mashed potatoes, it was the perfect cozy fall meal. After cleaning my plate, which didn’t take long, I looked at her inquisitively. “Well?”

She summoned me into her kitchen, where she pointed to a futuristic-looking appliance on her countertop. “It’s a Suvie. I just got it. I’m obsessed.” Fast forward 10 minutes, after I asked every question I could think of, and I had learned that the Suvie is a 15-in-1 kitchen “robot” that can cook complete meals for the entire family, on-demand. It allows you to cook your own ingredients, but the company also offers delicious meal plans featuring chef-designed recipes. I was intrigued. Could Suvie be the answer to my cooking woes?

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a Suvie for myself. (Tasting the results firsthand and hearing my friend’s rave reviews definitely played a role in my decision.) There were two things about the Suvie that really stood out to me from the start. First, was the fact that Suvie is the only smart countertop appliance that automatically refrigerates and then cooks your food. This means that you can put your food in the Suvie in the morning before heading out for the day and it will keep everything nice and cool until it begins to cook at the time you’ve designated. 🤯

The second thing that stood out were the recipe cards that come with the meals. They can be scanned by the appliance, which automatically tells Suvie what to make and how to cook the ingredients. You just load the food, scan the card, and Suvie handles the rest, making sure each part of the meal is cooked to perfection. If, like me, you’ve always struggled with timing everything properly when you’re cooking, this is a total gamechanger. No more overcooked chicken and undercooked veggies here!

When you consider the cost of the Suvie ($399) plus the meal plan, which comes in at around $12/serving, it can seem expensive at first. But then when you think about what you spend per month on groceries, restaurants and takeout (which, for me, is $200-300 a week), it’s reasonably priced. In the past few months, I’ve become a Suvie convert. I’m cooking much more at home, saving tons of time + some money, and eating much more wholesome meals. I’ve curbed my takeout habit and I’m almost ready to delete Seamless - almost. With Suvie’s help, I think I’ve finally cracked the code.

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