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Ladies, I Was Worried About Hair Loss - Until I Found REVIVV

As a woman in my mid-forties, I had never really thought about hair loss. Gray hair? Certainly. Damaged hair? Of course. But it wasn’t until one day in the shower that a whole new set of hair care anxieties entered my life. Over the past few years, I had gotten used to seeing my husband’s hair in the shower drain as his hair began thinning in his early forties. But on a fateful Tuesday about a year ago, I finished my morning shower and looked down at the drain. “Wait. Is that … mine?” I thought, panicked. The hair swirling around the drain was longer and lighter than what I was used to seeing. Definitely not my husband’s. I jumped out of the shower and ran to the mirror, looking for bald spots and signs that I was losing my beloved mane. I noticed that my part seemed a bit wider than it had been in the past. Nothing crazy, but I didn’t know how I had missed it. And once I noticed it, it was all I could see when I looked in the mirror, so I decided to do something about it.

That day I started doing some research. I had always thought of hair loss as male-specific, so I didn’t know of any friends I could turn to to get advice. Plus, if I’m being completely honest, I was feeling really embarrassed. Women aren’t supposed to lose their hair, are they? So I started doing some clandestine research to learn everything I could about what might be going on and how to fix it. The first thing I learned is that I was very wrong about the “men-only” belief I had. It turns out that about 50% of women deal with hair loss, so I was not nearly as alone as I had imagined. The second thing I learned is that there are a lot of companies out there trying to help women combat hair loss.

After doing a deep dive into the world of hair loss products, I came across one that really caught my attention. REVIVV is a topical (and proprietary!) hair serum that was created by physicians and scientists to stimulate and rejuvenate hair follicles, roots and the scalp to improve the appearance of your hair.

Unlike many of the treatments out there, REVIVV is all natural, drug-free, and does not include any pills. After reading the reviews and seeing the before and after photos, I decided to take the plunge and place an order for REVIVV For Her and a Derma roller.

My order arrived quickly and I was really eager to get started. The thing that immediately caught my eye was the Derma roller, a device that contains 225 stainless steel micro needles that stimulate hair follicles and increase absorption (by as much as 75%!) of the REVIVV Serum. I had heard about derma rolling for your skin, and knew that it was shown to help with absorption of products, so it made sense that it could have the same effect on your scalp. I used it as directed, applying light pressure while rolling back and forth across my scalp until it became a bit sensitive. Then I turned my attention to the serum.

The REVIVV serum has a simple stainless steel rollerball design that makes it so easy to apply. Many of the other products I had seen were either droppers, sprays, or foams that were a pain to use and seemed like they would leave your hair looking greasy. With my scalp prepped from the Derma roller, I began to apply the serum liberally to my scalp, which took about 15 seconds. It absorbed quickly and my hair looked great. I was ready to head out for the day - so simple!

After using the Derma roller and REVIVV serum together for 2 months, I noticed a big difference in the volume of my hair and the sparse patches around my temples had started to fill in. I realized that my hair had probably been slowly thinning for a few years, without me knowing it. REVIVV helped it to get back to its former glory. My friends and my husband definitely noticed the results as well. I kept hearing comments like, “Have you done something to your hair? It looks amazing!” My husband was so impressed with my results, he went ahead and ordered REVIVV For Him, and saw even more obvious results since he had more visible hair loss than I did.

Ladies, if you are worried or embarrassed about hair loss, know that you are not alone, and know that there are solutions out there. I was nervous to address my hair loss, and wasn’t sure what to expect, but in my experience, REVIVV has been a simple, affordable, and effective way to support fuller, thicker, and healthier hair. I can’t recommend it enough.

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