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My Dogs Are Obsessed With This Toy Brand (And So Am I)

Being a dog owner is a big responsibility. It’s more than just a few quick walks each day and snuggles on the couch when you want them. It takes training, dedication, and patience (lots of it) to ensure that your pup is living their happiest, healthiest life. As the owner of a rambunctious Boxer mix living in a small London flat, I sometimes feel that, despite my best efforts, I’m not getting her enough exercise or mental stimulation. The toys I had bought for her were either ripped to shreds within minutes or quickly abandoned (usually in favor of a pair of socks or some other item of clothing). I needed a better solution.

I did a search for “best dog toys for tug of war,” thinking that this could be a great solution for cold winter days when we can’t get to the dog park, but need to get some energy out. I came across Tug-E-Nuff, a brand that was started by agility experts and professional dog trainers who wanted exciting, engaging toys for their dogs. When they couldn’t find anything up to their standards, they decided to make them (love that entrepreneurial spirit!). The result is a line of toys that is tough enough to withstand hours and hours of play.

After reading the great reviews and learning that they have a “45-Day Tug It + Love It Guarantee” I decided to place an order. I went with the Bungee Handled Fleece Tug and the Pocket PowerBall Magnet. The brand says that the bungee reduces jarring of the dog's neck and handler's shoulder, which was a huge selling point for me. If you’ve ever used a normal rope toy to play tug-of-war with a strong dog, you know why. The fact that the materials are all non-toxic and sustainably sourced was another positive.

The checkout process was incredibly easy and my order shipped quickly. When the package arrived, I quickly unwrapped it, excited to surprise my fur baby with a little gift. She slowly started sniffing the toys, tail wagging, and then tentatively took the Bungee Handled Fleece in her mouth. Gentle, exploratory tugs quickly turned into strong, enthusiastic ones (tail now going crazy). To my delight, the bungee really did reduce the jolt I was expecting to feel with each tug, and I could see that it was much easier on my pup’s neck as well. We were off to a good start. But would the Tug-E-Nuff toys really be able to withstand this type of play for a long time?

A month after the order arrived, I can say confidently that they absolutely are holding up. We’ve taken both the Fleece Tug and the Pocket PowerBall Magnet to the park for outside playtime and have also used them indoors after a long day at work (me) and sleeping on the couch (her). After almost daily use, they are as good as new - except for, you know, a bit of slobber. After a tug-of-war session, my dog will lap up some water and then promptly curl up on her favorite chair and fall fast asleep. She’s exhausted and happy, and I can sleep better knowing that I’m getting her the play and exercise she needs. Win Win.

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