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Say Goodbye To Painful Intimacy & Dryness In Menopause Thanks To This Device

When I began to go through menopause, my deepest fears were realized. Sure, the hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes were rough, but it was the low libido and painful sex that were the most difficult parts. As much as I tried to navigate these changes, they changed me, and I felt completely detached from my partner. I was determined not to let this transition take the intimacy in my relationship away, so I researched what my options were for increasing arousal and intimacy.

After searching online, I came across hormone replacement therapy, and its many side effects (which I was not a fan of). At the same time I also came across the sexual health company, MysteryVibe. The brand was created to help keep the ‘mystery’ in the bedroom after major issues like menopause, dryness and pain during intercourse. Sounded like just what I needed, but I was still skeptical. After taking a quick quiz on their website, they recommended the Crescendo 2, an FDA Class 2 medical device recommended by leading doctors and menopause specialists. At this point, my interest was piqued. After researching further, I found that the Crescendo 2 is clinically proven to improve arousal disorder by over 2 times by delivering precise vibratory stimulation to the vaginal wall for pain relief and arousal. Reading that study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, I was sold! (The fact that it also promised “pleasure for both me and my partner” was an added bonus!) I placed an order and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

The night I received the Crescendo 2, my partner and I decided to take it for a spin. The device was sleek, slender (the width of two fingers), and beautifully designed to mimic your fingers. Over 9 years of extensive medical research went into developing the Crescendo 2 and it really shows. It's infinitely flexible so you can bend it into multiple shapes and adapt to your body shape. With the ability to personalize the shape, it allowed me to reach the exact areas that needed stimulation, which even fingers can’t. In addition, there’s 6 powerful motors placed at just the right areas to deliver precise vibrations whose frequencies are medically designed to stimulate blood flow in the vagina, clitoris and vulva, which increases wetness, arousal, and reduces pain.

Within a few times of using the device, I felt like I was 15 years younger. My symptoms of low libido, vaginal dryness, and pain had all but gone. I won’t go into too much detail, but I’ll say that both my husband and I are so thrilled with the purchase that we wished we’d known that a vibrator like this existed sooner! I’ve had the device now for a few months, and I’m pleased to report that we both still thoroughly enjoy this addition to our love life. The excitement is back and our intimacy has not only increased, but improved beyond what it was in my pre-menopause days. I’ve recommended the Crescendo 2 to many of my friends with similar situations and the feedback has been resoundingly positive.

For anyone experiencing menopause (and even those who aren’t, to be honest), Crescendo 2 is a must-have to tackle dryness, pain, arousal and improve your intimacy. My husband and I feel closer now than we have in years, and MysteryVibe has definitely brought the ‘mystery’ back in our bedroom! And now is the best time to get this vibrator it's discounted during their biggest sale of the year. Save 20% on Crescendo when you shop MysteryVibe today!

Trust me, you (and your partner) will thank me for this!


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