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Your Summer Soundtrack: New Music from Willie Nelson, Alanis Morisette, and Bright Eyes

Concert halls sit largely empty and soundless this summer, as the impact of the novel coronavirus impacts the music industry. Music lovers can, however, savor several new albums this summer. Here are three new releases to set the soundtrack to your socially-distanced summer.

1. Alanis Morissette - “Such Pretty Forks in the Road”

Alternative rock icon Alanis Morissette will release her ninth studio album, “Such Pretty Forks in the Road”, on Friday, July 31, according to Morisette’s website. The album was originally scheduled for release on Friday, May 1, and Morisette announced the delay in April. A post on her website stated that “with all that is happening in the world at the moment” she decided to delay the album’s release.

“Diagnosis,” a song from the upcoming “Such Pretty Forks in the Road”, was released in April, and is available on YouTube. The single, reportedly about mental health, showcases Morisette’s trademark raw style, with lyrics including “I've not left the house in a while; I've not felt a glimpse of ease; And I have not made much headway; Since I have come back from the war.”

“Such Pretty Forks in the Road” is available for pre-order on CD and vinyl.

2. Willie Nelson - “First Rose of Spring”

“First Rose of Spring,” country music legend Willie Nelson’s 70th album, is slated for release on Friday, July 3.

The 11-song album is a blend of new, original work and covers, including Toby Keith’s “Don’t Let the Old Man In,” and Pete Graves’ “Just Bummin’ Around,” according to information on Nelson’s website.

Two of the new songs, “Love Just Laughed” and “Blue Star,” are written by Nelson and his longtime producer, Buddy Cannon.

A new music video for the album’s title track, “First Rose of Spring,”can be viewed online, including on YouTube. Listeners can expect a soulful love ballad, with sensitive lyrics like “Summertime would've never started; And wintertime would never end; She colored his life, opened his eyes; To things he'd never dream.”

The CD is currently available for pre-order.

3. Bright Eyes - “Down in the Weeds Where the World Once Was”

On Friday, Aug. 21, the newly-reunited Bright Eyes will release the band’s first album in about nine years, “Down in the Weeds Where the World Once Was.”

The indie rock band’s ninth studio album “functions on a global, apocalyptic level of anxiety that looms throughout the record,” a description on the Bright Eyes website stated.

“Mariana Trench,” one of 14 new songs on the album, is cynical and poetic, with lyrics including; Well they’d better save some space for me; In that growing cottage industry; Where selfishness is currency; People spend more than they make.

“Down in the Weeds Where the World Once Was” can be pre-ordered now.


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