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6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

There is no doubt blogging is becoming the biggest platform for self-expression online, but do you know why it is the best option? Except you understand the importance of blogging, starting may seem difficult.

Do you have a voice the world needs to hear, or do you have the solution to people's problems? Then blogging is for you.

Here are six reasons why you should start blogging:

1. A platform for self-growth: Blogging is a form of reflection and allows you to share your perspective with the world. It builds your confidence and gives you a reason to expand your ambitions while you continually implement creativity.

2. It makes room for opportunities: The quest for getting a job becomes more accessible with blogging. There has been a testimony of bloggers who were offered a job by one of their viewers. It's you telling the world what you are best at and how they can locate you. The career world sees a successful blogger as one who is vast with the internet and trending subjects. Hence, they see them as the right person to market their product or brand strategically.

3. A source of financial income: Although this may take some time before building up, your blog can earn you some money from consistent content. Once your blog has gained enough audience, you can start advertising products and brands on it. At this age, blogging is becoming a career to many people rather than just a hobby.

4. It helps develop technological skills: Naturally, blogging will require you to learn basic technical skills. Either a private server provider runs your blog or not, you need to upgrade your blog software to the latest version. Examples of skills you need to learn are; picture and video editing, social media handles, SEO, browsing research, font cover, and many others.

5. Blogging provides a great writing experience: If you are a writer and do not have a blog yet, you probably haven't started your journey. A blog offers a platform for freelance writing to communicate with your audience and share experiences. Interestingly, you can include your blog link to your social media handles so that your followers can catch up.

6. Have your internet diary: Since the old diary note is no longer trending, blogging can serve as your diary room. The significant aspect is that it is not subject to attack, not disaster. This includes fire outbreaks, floods, or tears from an external force.

Also, it is not compulsory to publish your content. As long as it remains in your draft, you can save it up as a personal diary.


Blogging is growing in more popularity than ever, and there are many possibilities of meeting great minds with similar goals. It provides the opportunity to join a great community and make an impact where needed. More so, it brings you out of your shell, as you learn from people who know how to do it better than you.


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