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Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever releases July 30th

With her second studio album releasing July 30th, Billi has to satisfy high expectations from fans, music critics, and even her record label. Eilish’s debut album was critically acclaimed for her soft voice and haunting lyricism. Drawing on multiple music genres, Billie has no fear experimenting with distortion and manipulation of her vocals and beats. Her debut album helped her gain an army of supporters that have followed and supported Billie throughout her entire creative journey. However, this rise to fame also introduced numerous critics who claimed her voice was whispered and unauthentic.

With her second album, Billie’s released singles My Future, Your Power, and Lost Cause, have been meet with acceptance as many are excited for her growth as a young artist. The second album sets the stage in exploring the pains, emotions, and uncomfortable nature of growing up. Fans are excited to see Billie grow up with her music and are eager to support her along the way. Billie is no stranger in exploring dark themes in her music, and many like myself, are excitedly anticipating this new studio album.

However, her latest single NDA, has left a sour taste to this growing anticipation. Even fans have critiqued the song for its heavy use of autotune and lack of lyrical substance. Even Billie Eilish has noticed this heavy criticism by addressing it on a viral Tik Tok video. To be fair, it is almost impossible for every single song to be well received by listeners. Many fans are fearful that Billie may be getting engineered in a way that made her resemble generic pop music. Many fans are scared that she has lost her edge and questions loom over whether this second album would be up to par with her current discography.

Can Billie do it again with this album?

Will this album win multiple Grammy’s like its predecessor?

Regardless, Billie’s career is exciting to follow as she has already shown so much uniqueness in a difficult industry. It is refreshing to see an artist at her age have such control over their craft. I hope July makes her and her fans Happier than Ever.


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