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Breaking Barriers And Paving The Way: VASSY Wins Icon Award At EDMAs

VASSY holding her award and smiling

Miami Music Week 2023 may be over, but the afterglow of VASSY's latest triumph is only getting brighter. The iconic dance artist, who has been behind some of the most memorable dance anthems of the past decade, recently won the Icon Award at this year's Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs). Not only is this a well-deserved honor for VASSY, but it also signifies a milestone for women in the dance music industry, as VASSY is the first woman to receive this award.

Hailing from a small town in Australia called Darwin, VASSY has faced her fair share of challenges in the male-dominated world of dance music. But with hard work, integrity, and staying true to herself, VASSY has carved out a unique and successful career, becoming one of the most revered singer-songwriters in the scene.

VASSY's talent and versatility have made her a sought-after collaborator, having worked with big names like Tiësto, Afrojack, and David Guetta. And speaking of timeless hits, VASSY's 2014 collaboration with Guetta and Showtek, "BAD," recently surpassed two billion streams! It's clear that VASSY's contributions to dance music have left a lasting impact.

Winning the Icon Award at the 2023 EDMAs is a monumental moment for VASSY. It's a testament to her artistry, hard work, and dedication to the dance community. In her acceptance speech, VASSY spoke about the challenges she faced as a woman in the industry, and encouraged other women to pursue their dreams and be true to themselves.

In her interview with, VASSY shared her thoughts on winning the Icon Award and what it means for women in the industry. "I'm beyond grateful and proud to say that being authentically myself throughout my career paid off," she said. "Ladies, women can too be icons in dance."

Needless to say, VASSY was over the moon about winning the Icon Award. "It's such an honor to be recognized for my art and contribution to the dance community by my industry and the fans in the dance space," she said. And we have to say, we agree!

But VASSY's success doesn't end there. Her latest collaboration with Bingo Players and Disco Fries, "Pieces," has topped the U.S. dance charts and became the most-added track on dance radio in January. It's clear that VASSY is continuing to make waves in the dance music scene and is not slowing down anytime soon.

The 2023 EDMAs were held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and the invite-only ceremony was hosted by executive producer Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton in partnership with It was a night to celebrate the best and brightest in the world of dance music, and VASSY's win only added to the excitement.

VASSY's win at the EDMAs is a huge milestone for women in the dance music industry, and it's a reminder that women can be icons in dance too. VASSY's talent, hard work, and authenticity have made her a true vanguard in the scene, and her impact will be felt for years to come. Congratulations, VASSY!


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