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Disneyland Is Reopening July 17

The Disneyland theme park in Anaheim and the Disney California Adventure partner park will reopen on July 17. The parks have been shut down since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

July 17 is a symbolic date, as this year will be the 65th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland.

The current closure is the longest period that Disneyland has ever remained closed. The park was shut down following the death of John F. Kennedy and again after the 2001 terrorist attacks. But those were both for one day, as the park has never experienced a pandemic of this like before.

Stages For Reopening

Disneyland and California Adventure will use a few steps in the reopening effort:

1. The Downtown Disney District will open on July 9. The area includes various shops and restaurants.

2. Disneyland and California Adventure will officially reopen on July 17.

3. Two hotels at the Disneyland Resort will open on July 23. These are the Grand Californian and Paradise Pier Hotels.

Possible Rules

There will be multiple rules surrounding the reopening of these tasks. The rules are similar to what will work at the Disney World resort in Orlando and what is happening right now at Shanghai Disneyland:

· All employees and visitors must wear proper face coverings.

· Everyone must go through a temperature screening before entering. Anyone who appears to have a fever will be turned away.

· Parades, firework events, and other things that will trigger crowds will also be suspended.

· Various social distancing rules will be imposed throughout the venue. These include efforts to reduce lines and to keep people from being too close to one another.

More People Going To Work

The Disneyland properties in Anaheim employ about 30,000 people, or cast members as they are also known. The hope is to help these people in getting back to work.

Concern In California

The reopening comes as COVID-19 infection rates are to drop. It should also be easier for hospitals to care for any patients who do attract this coronavirus. But there are also worries surrounding people becoming infected as more people start to go outside.


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