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Do You Want To Upgrade Your Wardrobe? Here are Options You Can Consider

When it comes to style, many factors influence our decisions. Sometimes, it’s a change of season, work, or trends; other times, it’s a change of environment or status. For instance, a move from Maldives or Mauritania to Russia may likely warrant a change of wardrobe. Also, if, during winter, you want to make a fashion statement from the office to drink with your friends, you most likely want to dress in a bright pop color suit. Many other reasons affect our fashion style. So what are the options to consider when you want to upgrade your wardrobe?

  • Assess the clothing and outfits that you wear.

What are your weekly routines? How does your week usually go? Are you the kind of architect who spends most of his time at the office and studio? Or you are a graphics designer who works from home but goes to the club during weekends to catch some fun? What change could elevate your look right now? Of course, you should be mindful that the goal is to look for the enormous return on investment: that one minor change that can turn your fashion sense around.

Maybe your caps or hats could be the enormous ROI. For example, you can rock your baseball cap on tees with pants and a pair of sneakers. It is a smart-casual outfit.

  • Donate old items

After assessing the outfits you wear, classify your current clothing collection into three: keep, donate or throw away. Separate those you want to keep, even if you plan to get new ones. But you must ensure that the ones you’re saving are fitting. What then happens to those that don’t fit? Donate them to people: close friends, relatives, neighbors, or the less privileged. You could even donate to some organizations such as Salvation Army, H&M, Madewell, etc.

  • Know what to splurge

Be cognizant that you are not changing or upgrading your wardrobe primarily to impress people or the new trend. If you must upgrade your wardrobe, you must know what to splurge on to save your money for attention-grabbing items.

  • Buy new items gradually

Another point that you must know is that you necessarily do not have to buy your new clothing items immediately. You could make a list of what you plan to buy, spread the purchases between months or quarters of the year and then make your purchases.

  • The Capsule Wardrobe

Have you heard of the capsule wardrobe? This means editing clothes in your closet to those that can currently fit you and can be used in many different outfits and occasions. That way, many of your clothes are serving a variety of purposes.


These tips can spice up your fashion sense yet at a minimal financial commitment. You can always maximize our accessories with the knowledge at hand. More so, consider your body figure and skin color. Go for a style that compliments your skin tone and brings out the body shapes to their right places. In other words, your clothing should fit perfectly, and be bold in your style!


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