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From a Margin Box Violin to an electrifying LED Violin: Meet Asher Laub

Known for his versatility, Asher Laub introduces a fresh and creative use of his violin. Asher has performed for countless venues, concerts, and even clubs as his performances include electric and modern influences. Recently, we were lucky enough to sit down with Asher and learn more about his artistry, upbringing, and motivations for his craft. We wanted to understand the man responsible for lighting up dance floors with his music choices and LED violin.

When first meeting Asher, he was incredibly polite and welcoming, we began the interview by asking about his background. We wanted to start from ground zero as a way to understand where his art stemmed from and where it was curated. Asher was raised in upstate New York in a suburb near Buffalo along with three musically inclined siblings. Asher expressed his exposure to music happened at a very young age as himself and his older brother enjoyed playing multiple instruments together. He was inspired by his brother's musical accomplishments and felt the need to follow his brother in perfecting his artistry as a violin player. However, we were surprised to know that the violin is not the only instrument Asher can play. Asher expressed his ability to play the drums, piano, guitar, mandolin, sax, cello, and viola. Although he may seem like a jack of all trades, Asher still felt a connection with his violin and chose to focus all his time on his skill and musical abilities as a violin player.

His training began at the age of 2 where he practiced on a margarin box violin and later advanced to the Suzuki method on a tiny Chinese wood violin at the age of 3. Throughout his adolescence, Asher progressed by mastering Suzuki scales and later branched out to traditional orchestra arrangements and improvisation. As he ventured out to college, Asher still continued to become a professional violin player. At this time, he was already skilled enough to perform in New York City as a professional violin player. Asher used his skill and gigs to pay for his college expenses and finally felt capable of creating more as an artist. Now, Asher is thrilled to perform and believes his fan base is his biggest drive. He also believes he is lucky to have a career based on passion and not on obligation.

We also felt intrigued to know what other artists Asher enjoyed listening to. He expressed his love for Vanessa Mae and her piece called Contradanza, as he enjoyed her blend of classical and modern pop music. It makes sense to see his preference for these forms of music as he also enjoys mixing electric and modern songs into his violin playing.

With all this success, we were surprised to learn about Asher's struggle with his health as he lost his ability to walk frequently during the pandemic. However, Asher expressed how his resilience and love for violin playing has become healing for him. We also noticed how strong Asher is as his craft has not been affected by any of his personal struggles. He expressed,

But I don’t give up easily, and I’m still here to enjoy the blessing of bringing music to fans, clients, and supporters.

Our interview with Asher was inspiring as he allowed us access to his world of music. We recommend hearing his new piece A Brighter Day Ahead, which can be listened to on multiple streaming platforms. To follow and stay up to date on his latest releases and performances, visit his page at


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