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Getting Festive On A Budget

We love to celebrate the holidays as much as anyone else. But considering the costs is the one thing that can dampen our holiday spirit.

Some people might believe that the entire point of the holidays is to spend thousands on extravagant gifts, decorations, and meals. However, many people are beginning to buck the trend and manage their holiday spending wisely.

You can enjoy the holidays you've always wanted with a splash of ingenuity and a sprinkle of budgetary guidance. All without your worst-case scenario's bank account.

The festive period is here, and while some of us may be suffering from the pinch of growing costs, people still want to go festive. The following are suggestions for making your own cozy grotto on a tight budget.


One of the most entertaining things you can do during this season is to decorate your space. Despite the allure of lavish decorations, you don't need to spend a fortune to create the grotto of your aspirations.

The ornament you already own is the most affordable. Give fairy lights a season-long spotlight since they are a fixture in every student room.

You could call your buddies over and spend an enjoyable afternoon making decorations while enjoying a bottle of anything mulled; this is guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood. When you get the grasp of it, this origami wreath is actually quite easy to make.

Check out charity stores for used decorations if you don't feel like making something. You'll feel good about contributing money to a worthwhile organization, and you'll also return home with some used, environmentally friendly decorations that you may donate again in February or you could save for next year.

A season-appropriate wardrobe

Avoid spending $20 on the one hideous sweater you were invited to wear to the holiday party. Charity shops are bursting at the seams with sweaters, including some that are already festive and others that, with a few small adjustments, might be transformed into a one-of-a-kind piece.

Why not embellish yourself with decorations, bells, or even fairy lights? Nobody will show up in a similar outfit, so you'll be sure of that!

By bypassing the novelty element and purchasing a jumper you'll wear through February, you can increase your value for money. Stay away from anything that connects it solely to December. Stick with a traditional design, such as a fair isle pattern.


To commemorate the end of the term, you might wish to arrange a large supper for all your friends. Being the host requires a lot of work and money, though it sounds amazing. You could divide up the work with your buddies so that you can all contribute and share the workload.

You could distribute it among:

  • Everyone pitching in money for a large roasting joint of meat and bringing a veggie

  • A cheese course at which each participant brings their preferred cheese

  • Preparing three courses: an appetizer, a main dish (which you could choose to divide among several people), and a dessert.

  • A "bring a board" gathering


Don't go overboard thinking you have to spend a fortune on everyone you know; you may still offer someone something special and considerate without spending a fortune. Why not think of doing a regifting swap, going on a date, or making them something special?

Do not be reluctant to discuss with the people in your life your Christmas spending plan. Inquire if they'd be willing to join you for a no-cost presenting pact. Spending less can provide a fantastic chance for creativity and frequently leads to more thoughtful gifts.


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