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How This App Helped Me Optimize My Sports Betting

As someone who bets with multiple sportsbooks, I felt like I basically lived on my phone. I was constantly switching back and forth between apps, trying to manually track all of my bets, wins, and losses. I was manually adding everything to a spreadsheet to analyze my performance, but I knew there had to be a better way. I was exhausted and stressed, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

While scrolling through Twitter one day, I came across a conversation about Pikkit, a sports book agnostic app that connects all legal US sports book accounts and aggregates all of your bets in one place. Draftkings, FanDuel, Caesars, MGM, Barstool - Pikkit supports over 20 sportsbooks, including all of the ones I was active on. All of this in one place? And for free? It sounded too good to be true, but on the off chance it wasn’t, I knew I had to give it a try. I downloaded the app, hoping that this would be the end of my constant bet tracking.

The first thing I noticed about the app was how well it was laid out. I could see my record, profit, and ROI all in one place. All of my books would sync automatically, and all of my bets were right there. It was amazing. I could tell immediately that this was going to save me hours every week.

I had initially been interested in Pikkit because I thought it would streamline my betting. But what I wasn’t expecting is that it would completely change my strategy.

Thanks to Pikkit’s thorough dashboard, I have clear and meaningful insights into my betting performance. I can see the days I do best, league, team, and player prop splits, and I can slice the data in different ways (sport type, bet type, etc.). This allows me to really understand my performance, pick up on trends that I would never notice with manual tracking, and improve my bets as a result. I can also see weekly, monthly, and yearly stats to see my performance and ROI over time. I quickly started making more precise bets, more quickly, and more confidently thanks to Pikkit.

Another thing I really like about the app is the social aspect of it that functions a bit like Twitter. It’s a fun way to share and debate your picks, engage with the community, and see what other users are playing. Unlike other platforms that seem a bit more serious and businesslike, Pikkit really makes the whole experience fun.

After just a week using Pikkit, I deleted my betting spreadsheet. My stress level around betting had plummeted and my ROI had already started to increase. To say it was life-changing sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Now I approach sportsbetting with way more clarity and simply enjoy it more. (The increased ROI as a result of the data I have access to definitely doesn’t hurt.) As one review wrote in the App Store, “This is the future of sports betting.” I couldn’t agree more.


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