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I tried Book of the Month. Here’s How It Went

Like an Ipsy bag for book lovers, Book of the Month is a subscription-based service that sends monthly hardcover books for affordable rates. Each month, its developers release 5 books for its subscribers to select from. For about $14.95 a month, its subscribers can receive a hardcover book of new authors, fan favorites, or classics. BOTM also gives flexibility if you are uninterested in the monthly selections, you can save your credit and use it for an add-on book of your choice. After speaking about my love for literature and reading, my coworker recommended this app and as a book enthusiast, I could not resist.

I was thrilled to see the user-friendly app you can download for BOTM. For August, we were offered five books to choose from. Among these, BOTM includes debut authors, early releases, repeat authors, and a vast amount of genres to select from. Previously in July, I saved my credit to select a book of my choosing. Their add-on book selection includes modern classics, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, romance, thriller, fantasy, debut authors, and BOTY winners. BOTY winners are authors who garnered the most votes from users of the app. For this month, I selected Not a Happy Family, by Shari Lapena and used my add-on to purchase a previous BOTY winner, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. With having this app for a couple of months now, I decided to list my favorite things about BOTM.

  1. The app gives you the flexibility to pick what you want to read. If you are displeased by the selected monthly inventory, you can save your credit for an add-on. Their add-on list is immense as it has critically acclaimed novels and genre favorites.

  2. The monthly rate is only $14.99 while the yearly cost would equal to $13.99 a month. For hardcover books, this is a steal! Hardcover books retail for over $20 at many bookstores.

  3. It saved me a trip to the book store as the shipping is seamless. BOTM sends text message updates and emails once your book has shipped.

  4. I can watch my book collection grow. This app is an easy and interactive way to add to your library, office space, or book shelves.

  5. They integrate reading challenges with their subscribers and incentivize reading with rewards, gifts, and badges.

I decided to subscribe because I enjoy nourishing my hobbies and investing in things that I enjoy. With this app, I will never run out of books to read. As a fan of the classics, I enjoy physical books as it enhances the reading experience. If you have the time and resources, I recommend this app for any bookworm looking for a new story.


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