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Interview With Ajunabeats Star | Grum

Having made his Anjunabeats debut earlier this year, GRUM has quickly become a favorite of trance and EDM fans worldwide thanks to his modern take on classic progressive and trance influences.

GRUM, who DJ Mag recently lauded as having "the magic touch," has produced a Radio 1 Essential Mix that has gone viral. He remixed artists like Sigma, Martin Garrix, Gareth Emery, and Above & Beyond, to name a few, and lent their songs the infectious beats that GRUM is known for. He is also coming off some electric sets in Hong Kong as the Asia-World expo, which cemented the DJ's talent as internationally appealing.

The next generation of Anjunabeats performers, including GRUM, promise to launch the label into a new realm of superstardom. Now, GRUM promises fans a new trip into rhythmic bliss with forthcoming album, D E E P S T A T E.

Pop Dust had the chance to sit down with the music-maker to pick his brain about his musical inspiration, the upcoming release, and more.

Where did your interest in music stem from? I did well in a music test in school, which meant that a trumpet was given to me and I was given lessons. Instead of playing the sheet music, I tried to work out how to play the stuff that I was hearing on the radio. Then I discovered the Human League and Ferry Corsten, and really wanted to work out how they made those sounds - and now here I am.

What Inspires you? I go through different phases of inspiration. For my first album I was really into 80s sounds. At the time it was quite amazing that you could recreate a lot of those classic synthesizer sounds using soft synths on a laptop. Over time, I have gradually gone back to my trance and club music roots though - that idea of euphoria and energy. Its fun to try and approach that in new ways without going back to simple 140bpm stuff.

Which city are you looking forward to the most when you tour? Probably LA as I have the most friends there and the shows are always great. I probably have my biggest fanbase either there, or in New York. Have you been to NYC before? Yes, many times.

What do you love about the city? I'm not a big city kind of guy, but I do love the energy and buzz the city has - as a visitor. Its nice to go and experience that and then go back home to the slightly slower pace of Scotland. What do you love about creating music? My favorite thing in the world is the initial buzz when you get a good idea going. Obviously, that tails off after you've heard it a thousand times and make hundreds of adjustments, but that first phase is magic. The key is to try and then finish it as quickly as possible while you're still in the zone.

Where can readers go to find out more about you?

What festivals are you performing in this summer? Where can fans see you perform live? I just did a bunch of US dates this past month, but coming up I have a sold out London open to close show, Toronto, Montreal, Prague, Paris, Amsterdam, and an India tour. How would you sum up your music in two words? 'Deep State'

What is Music? How would you define it? Personally, music is the one thing that keeps me going, through thick and thin. I'd define it as the universal language, a way that people from different cultures or languages can connect on the same level through shared appreciation.


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