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Interview With Swiss DJ | DJ EDX

We caught up with Swiss DJ EDX to discuss his new music, remixes, and more!

Your new single "Sillage" is due for release on Spinnin' Deep on September 7. Can you tell us about the record, how it came about and the inspiration behind it?

Yes, finally another single! I took it a little bit easy in the studio over the summer as I have been touring like crazy over the past few months, but I'm super happy with this latest release and how it's turned out. I wanted to produce a club track with a really summery atmosphere and create a single that connects all the party islands in Europe, from the Balearics, to Mykonos, and so on. I think I've managed to capture that really well. I first played "Sillage" as the final track of my Tomorrowland set back in July and I've been playing in my sets ever since. It's been getting amazing reactions in both the clubs and at festivals, and I've had some great feedback from my fans so I'm super excited about this release.

How would you say this single is different to others you've produced over the past year?

I wouldn't say it's massively different from the other club tracks I've put out over the past year or so ("Jaded," "Anthem," etc.) but what I would say is that it has been particularly well received by the Ibiza crowd. It really has a strong Balearic, tribal feel to it, which I think works particularly well on the island. It's a tune perfect for summer!

Where did your interest in music stem from?

I grew up going to Italy for at least a month every year for my holidays. Italy was always very advanced in its nightlife scene and music has always been an integral part of its youth culture. I think I started to be very interested and passionate about music when the movie Wild Style was released in the early '80s. It really helped to bring hip hop culture over to Europe and even though I was only 6 or 7 years old, it really sparked my passion for music. From there I really got into Italian house, Italo disco, acid house, and musical movements that were really connected to a culture. I loved the fact that electronic music was something a bit different and it's stuck with me ever since.

What do you love most about creating music?

I love being able to sit down and make whatever I want from scratch, depending on the vibe I'm feeling at the time. It's a really creative and personal process which gets me really excited. In addition to that, to have a fan base who always want to listen to your new productions and who will each have their own unique experiences and stories doing so is an amazing feeling. That's definitely one of the most exciting things about creating music.

What was your inspiration behind "Anthem" and your remix of Janelle Monae's "Make Me Feel?"

"Anthem." When I started producing "Anthem," Miami Music Week was just around the corner, and festival season was about to start. I really wanted to work on a fusion between an atmospheric festival sound and something a bit more sexy and housey. I built the whole song around a disco loop and I feel it really worked well. The feedback has been great and it's worked really well on different types and sizes of dance floors all over the world so I'm super happy with the result.

"Make Me Feel (EDX Dubai Skyline Remix)." This was a very easy one actually. When Warner sent me the request to remix "Make Me Feel," I watched the music video of Janelle Monae, which was incredibly sexy and packed with a style reminiscent of Prince and Michael Jackson. It was so easy for me to make a really great remix around such a cool, sexy track and it's been working incredibly well in the clubs. As soon as heard the original, I just knew I had to remix it.

You've had an incredibly successful 2018 so far, with all of your releases topping the Beatport charts. What do you think it takes to make a hit record?

I think it's very important to keep true to your signature sound and do your own thing. I feel very comfortable making the music that I make and I never try and copy other producers. A good melody, a good vibe and a good beat - I think the right mix of these factors makes a hit record.

Which do you prefer playing - festivals or clubs? And why?

I actually love to play both. People say that festivals can be impersonal because of the sheer number of people in front of you but I definitely think you can make them feel personal. That's the skill of playing festivals I think and also the biggest challenge, which makes it exciting. Clubs are very different in that everybody is super close and intimate, people are watching you mix up close, you get immediate feedback from the crowd and can react accordingly. My first festival performance was on the main stage of Energy festival in 1998 and it was an amazing experience. At the same time, the clubs in Europe are where I first cut my teeth in the industry so it's really hard to pick between the two - I just really love performing in front of people that take away great experiences from my music, however big or small the crowd.

How would you sum up your music in two words?

Good vibes :) What feelings do you associate with your music? Sexy, groovy, and happy. Just people smiling and having a great time! Finally, do you have any final words for your TheLuxeBlogger fans? Thanks so much for all your support and really hope you like my new single "Sillage!" Make sure you follow me on my socials and interact. I'm always down for answering your questions, so if you want to know anything at all just let me know!


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