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Interview With The Talented | Hayden James

Coming from a musical family who gave him an ear for great music, Hayden James is a rising songwriter and producer.

We got the chance to catch up with him earlier this week!

Hey Hayden, seems like you've been busy lately! Care to fill us in on what's been in the works? Hey! I've just arrived home from a two month tour in the USA and Europe playing some great festivals and my own shows. I'm also about to start an Australian tour before heading back over to the states for some fall shows. While I'm travelling I take a small studio setup with me which allows me to keep working on music - there's a new single coming this year and a remix I've just finished for Bob Moses! Busy times, but fun!

Can you walk us through your creative process? It's different every time. Usually I'll have a lyric idea, a melody, something before I'm in the studio. I focus on writing the song first and then worry about how it sounds after. The more simple an idea, the stronger it is I find. I pack my studio full of instruments so there's lots to play with! "Just Friends" was a massive success - almost 20 million streams on Spotify alone. How did that song come together? I'm so happy that people are into the song! It's one of my favorites and came about pretty quickly. I had written the basic chord structure and beat before meeting Boy Matthews (Jay) and once we met in the studio we had the main vocals for the track down in a couple of hours. After that, it was a couple of months of producing, structuring, and mixing.

At what point did Boy Matthews come into play? Boy and I met in NYC last summer through a mutual friend and connected in the studio straight away. He's an amazing songwriter and all the ideas we had together came about very naturally. It just felt right. Can fans expect some new music at CRSSD Fest? Absolutely! My live show is full of unreleased demos I'm working on. There's always new stuff in there ;) Can you walk us through your live set up at the moment? Sure! On stage I have a prophet 6 and an MS20 mini, a SPD-SX drum pad, and an MPD-232. Lots to play with!! Your music is comprised of quite uplifting tones and seemingly happy melodies - would you say this reflects who you are as a person? I hope so! My music definitely reflects my environment and my personal feelings.. I'm glad that comes across in my music. I think the summer vibes have a lot to do with me living on the beach in Australia! Who are some of your biggest inspirations, regardless of genre? Daft Punk, David Bowie, Beach Boys, The Chemical Brothers, Queen.

Goals for 2019? Release my first album!


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