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Is This Men’s Clothing Brand the Future of Sustainability?

Twenty two billion. That’s the number of pounds of clothing that Americans throw away every year. Yeah, we did a double take, too. Want to hear another wild number? 100. That’s the number of years it takes man-made fabrics to break down once they are thrown out. We hear about fast fashion all the time and how harmful it is for the environment, but it wasn’t until we really thought about those stats that it started to sink in for us. Even most sustainable brands have elements of their products that aren’t actually sustainable or biodegradable, like the thread, buttons, and tags. But there’s a new brand that’s trying to disrupt the fashion industry and take sustainable fashion to a new level with completely compostable clothing. Meet Gomorrah.

Launched recently, Gomorrah is a high-end menswear brand that offers the world’s first 100% plant-based, compostable shirt. With a goal of eliminating post-consumer textile waste, the company is combining elegant design with ethical sourcing to elevate fashion while preserving the planet. Here’s how they’re doing it:

  1. Developing 100% compostable products to create an endless cycle with nature, offering an alternative to post-consumer textile waste. What does that mean in layman’s terms? Their garments can disintegrate into non-toxic, natural elements and actually make the soil more active, as shredded old clothes become food for microbes and bugs.

  2. Using 100% plant-based materials to address synthetic microfiber emission issues and prevent pollution.

  3. Ensuring every element of the products is certified organic to create environmentally safe products from cradle to grave.

  4. Using vegan friendly materials to protect our planet and its biodiversity.

  5. Working with only low-impact, non-toxic dyes to protect factory workers and surrounding communities.

  6. Making zero-waste buttons that are naturally harvested from trees for a circular economy, using the byproducts to feed cattle.

Gomorrah’s revolutionary, high-end menswear is 100% safe from seed to finished product and will leave this world without a trace. But their products aren’t just good for the planet. They’re also designed to make sure you look your best, with a tailored fit, French seams, and a design that offers free range of motion in the shoulders and chest. Subscribe to their mailing list to be notified of their upcoming pre-sale, which has insane deals on their stylish Lakeside Shirt as well as their new Night Swim Tee. Join the future of sustainability.


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