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Lewis Hamilton: A True Success Story

Lewis Hamilton is a young and successful race car driver, which is the result of his determination and hard work. He became the first black driver to win the F1 world driver's championship in 2008. Since then, he has soared up to his career ladder by winning some other significant competitions. Before delving into his achievements, let's briefly discuss his history.

Lewis Hamilton's success story is incomplete without mentioning his startups and background. There is no success without some failure.

Lewis Hamilton never had a wealthy background. He came from an immigrant family who relocated from the Caribbean island of Grenada in the 1950s. After observing Lewis Hamilton's flair for sports cars, his father got him his first race car as a toy. Hamilton suffered racism at a young age since he was the only black individual in the community after his parents moved to the UK.

Before his Big Bang in 2018, he was courageous as a ten-year-old boy in 1995. "One day, I want to be racing your cars," said Lewis Hamilton to Ron Dennis, the boss of McLaren, after attending the Autosport Awards. From that moment, his desire to be great was greatly inspired. Three years later, Hamilton won another British kart championship. Afterward, Whitmarsh was assigned to be his coach. Whitmarsh acknowledged Hamilton's drive for success in one of his positive remarks. "I don't know whether I could have said back then that he was going to be a multiple world champion; you just saw that he was a likable kid who came from a modest background, had a pretty pushy father," Whitmarsh said.

When Lewis Hamilton started racing with Formula 1, McLaren was given an evaluation test in September 2006. At age 21, his success story was more pronounced to the public through Silverstone. De la Rosa was the benchmark for Hamilton during his trial, and against everyone's expectation of a long-term adjustment, he was quick to adapt to the demand of the Grand Prix car. He won himself many championships, giving a remarkable winning gap between him and his competitors.

Lewis Hamilton had some prominent critics, which is an expected turnover in the success journey. In late 2012, many of his opponents rubbished him for only living on past glories. At this point, he was often on the fourth and fifth finish line during the driver's championship. Despite these challenges, Hamilton acknowledged f1 has helped him grow into his career at a young age. Hamilton built a stronger relationship with the new team in F1 and had his success back on track.

Amidst Lewis Hamilton's accomplishments, he never failed to appreciate his father, who was his greatest supporter. This shows that success is not born in isolation, no matter the talent you think you've got. Make sure to surround yourself with positive people and energy. You may not have a supportive Father like Hamilton, but you can pick friends, mentors, or coaches from the thousands of people around you.


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