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Revive The Spirit Of The '90s: CLOVER Celebrates The Roots Of Rave Culture

Hey there, party people! Are you ready to travel back in time to the '90s and experience the roots of one of the most legendary raves of all time? Because on March 25th, Lemuria Live & ACME Present CLOVER is coming to Avant Gardner's King's Hall to take you on a wild ride! This rave is not just any rave, it's a celebration of the decade that shaped the electronic music scene into what it is today.

Picture this: 28 years ago, a group of party organizers crafted a DIY rave that became the stuff of legend. No fancy flyers or social media ads, just good old-fashioned word of mouth and grassroots marketing. They wanted to create a space where like-minded people could let loose and dance their hearts out, free from the stigma surrounding rave culture at the time.

And boy, did they succeed! The original event was held in the iconic Newburgh Skatepark, and when the police came to check the venue, the organizers had to get creative. They hid 400 people on the patio, adding to the mystique of this underground phenomenon. The party only ended when the needle on the record player finally gave out at 12:30 in the afternoon. Talk about a wild ride! Now that's some serious party planning skills!

Fast forward to now, and CLOVER is bringing together an eclectic mix of performers who were born in the warehouses of the '90s. This is not your average group of performers, folks. We've got Lenny Dee and Malke, a dynamic duo who will blow your mind with their rare showcase of the Hard Electronic label. Agent Orange DJ, a veteran of the underground scene, will bring his signature mix of jacking and driving techno. And let's not forget about Osheen, a respected producer and DJ in the house and techno scene, who will be closing the show with a bang.

But wait, there's more! Henry Vengeance, one of the driving forces behind the '90s rave scene, will be performing a rare live set. Russ Urban, who also performed at the first CLOVER, will be showcasing his eclectic mix of house and techno. Raymond Cruz, from the Hudson Valley House Heads, will be setting the tone for the night. And last but not least, Ramsey Kablaoui - alias Ramsey K - will be there to seamlessly transition the event from techno to house.

Think back to the '90s, when raves were all about getting lost in the music and feeling the rhythm take over your body. This is the essence that Ramsey Kablaoui and his team are bringing back with this event. The original Clover party in 1995 gained a notorious reputation for being one of the most legendary raves of all time, and now it's back with a bang!

Get ready to be transported on a journey through time as CLOVER presents a one-of-a-kind rave event that celebrates the importance of past, present, and future influences in the rave scene. With its long standing motto, “Respect the Past, Embrace the Future, Experience the Now,” this party promises to honor the roots of the original event while embracing the evolution of rave culture.

The beats will be pulsating, and the energy will be electric as you immerse yourself in the world of rave music. But that's not all - the event will also feature live body painting by the talented Shanndyland. Get ready to unleash your creative side and experience a burst of imagination amidst the madness.

This event is not just about the music or the art, it's about the experience. It's about honoring the pioneers who laid the foundation for rave culture while embracing the new and exciting developments that keep the scene alive. So get your dancing shoes on and prepare to be transported to a world where the past, present, and future merge into one unforgettable experience. And if that's not enough, a portion of the ticket funds will be donated to the Education Through Music charity, so you can dance the night away and give back to the community at the same time! The only question left is, are you ready to join the party?

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relive the glory days of underground raves. Let's harness some of the attributes that made the '90s amazing and dance our way into the future. CLOVER is waiting for you, so come on down and let's rave like it's 1995 all over again!

Gather your crew, grab your tickets, and get ready to dance until the sun comes up. It's time to get your rave on! Don't forget to join us for the official pre-party hosted by The Usual Suspects to get warmed up for the big event. See you on the dance floor!

Don't miss out on this epic event - get your tickets now at and join us on March 25th at Avant Gardner's King's Hall.


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