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Running Out Of Date Ideas? Here’s 10 We Guarantee Your Partner Will Love!

A man and a woman on a date with a wine glass on the table

I love going on dates! It’s an opportunity where I get to dress up, look all fancy, and most importantly spend time with the person I love the most. The thing about dating though is the fact it gets pretty boring after some time. When we hear the word date, our minds immediately go to a candlelight dinner with jazz music playing in the background.

While that is fun, it would be nice to do something else for a change. Dating is the best way to explore yourself and your partner. Don't be afraid to occasionally push yourself above your comfort zone and attempt something new. Find something you both enjoy doing together. Think of these unique date suggestions as a memorable time to bond with your partner. The possibilities are endless! Let’s start by listing down 10 date ideas I personally love doing with my boyfriend.

Outdoor Date Ideas

Have a picnic

A couple out on a picnic date

Before the date, go to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or your neighborhood store and stock up on cheeses, bread, fruits, wine, and whatever you and your partner love. Place everything in a charming picnic basket with a soft blanket or some beach towels, and sit down to eat your meal at a nearby park.

Get up early to catch the sunrise

Set an alarm for just before dawn and make plans to get up together. Put on your coziest sweatpants, stop at a drive-through coffee shop for something warm and refreshing, and then make your way to your favorite location to enjoy a sunrise. If you're not a morning person, you can try watching the sunset instead! They’re both equally as beautiful!

Have lunch at a food truck

A man serving burger from a food truck

Find out where the local food trucks gather and persuade your date to try something different for lunch there. Something about purchasing meals from a food truck gives off a happy, unplanned vibe. Perfect for a date!

Indoor Date Ideas

Movie night

A couple enjoying a cozy movie night in with hot chocolate

Buy a little projector, movie theater popcorn, candies, and a blanket. Organize a relaxing movie night at your house. I can think of a million reasons why this is far superior to visiting a real theater. Plus, there’s no better excuse to snuggle up with your partner!

Make a scrapbook

Whether your significant other has a ton of newborn images they want to be organized or you wind up printing the finest of your college years from a Facebook album, you'll have a ton of fun scrapbooking together as you revisit old memories and swap hilarious stories. It's also a terrific chance to delve a little further into someone's personality.

Game night

Game nights are always so fun! You can purchase a traditional board game like Trouble or Monopoly, or download Heads Up on your smartphone. Uno and other card games are great ways to indulge your competitive side.

Creative Date Ideas

Bookstore Date

Visit a bookshop, find one of your all-time favorites, and exchange them with your partner. Find a few cozy chairs, settle down, and spend the afternoon debating your choices.

Museum Date

A couple walking to the museum

Look up unknown museums or even well-known ones that you haven't visited yet. Try to squeeze as many as you can into one afternoon, or just focus on one or two exhibitions and talk about them all day. Get ready to feel ridiculously sophisticated.

Doggo Date

A couple walking their dog

My favorite kind of date! If it involves my dog and my partner, count me in!

If you or your spouse own a dog, spending the day at a dog park may be a wonderful way to get outside and spend quality time with each other without having to spend any money. Plus, you'll get to spend the entire day with adorable dogs! You could even encounter other couples going on double dates while you do so and widen your social circle.

Fitness Date

A couple going for a jog together

A fantastic way to strengthen relationships is to take a fitness class together. You may also use internet videos and work out from home if you don't want to spend the money! We recommend going with an easy workout routine if you don’t want your partner to see you throwing up or dropping to the floor due to an intense workout routine. That would destroy the whole dating experience (yikes!).

And you’ve reached the end of the list! Oh, and by the way, you may absolutely claim ownership of these innovative date suggestions and tell your spouse that you came up with them all on your own. We will keep your secret safe, promise! Start making plans to woo your partner now! Your most romantic date ever is just around the corner.


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