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Seven Effective Ways to Make a Great Impression on Your First Date

With the introduction of many dating apps and setups, first dates have become common. However, how many people make it to the follow-up date? Have you ever wondered if the issue is with you or the partners you’ve been going out with? Whatever the problem may be, don’t you think it is safe to be fully prepared from your end?

Follow these seven effective ways below to make a good impression on your first date.

1. Choose the Right Location: The first thing that affects your composure is your familiarity or adaption to the environment. For instance, your date may not wear a jacket, and the venue is not enclosed; how do you intend to help out when you have no coat on either?

2. Listen Attentively to the Other Partner: Talk less about yourself, and make the other person feels comfortable around you. Although you cannot control everything within the moment, you need to create an atmosphere that makes the partner like you for who you are.

3. Do Not Underestimate Yourself: Sometimes, you may get thrown off because you never expected your date to be super-rich. Let your partner know the relationship will likely be a happy and successful one without a financial barrier or other forms of intimidation.

4. Be Interactive: You may be tempted to share your life history with another person on the first date, but try to stay within the box. Engaging in the conversation will give you an upper hand because you can navigate it to a familiar topic. More so, try to avoid cheesy pick-up lines.

5. Talk Intelligently: Focus on general topics, for instance, travel, food, interest, games, and many others. Hence, stay out of personal questions.

6. Maintain Phone Etiquette: The worst date experience you can ever give another party is talking over the phone while at the table. It is always more advisable to switch off your phone, but always excuse yourself if it is an important call.

7. Stay Away from Excessive Alcohol: Although alcohol is your choice of drink, do not take it excessively on a first date. You may spill out hidden secrets, which is usually embarrassing, especially for someone you are just meeting for the first time.


This article goes without mentioning the right person to pay for the date. No sex nor age is entitled to pay for a dinner date. Hence, it is logically expected that the person who initiated the date would pay for it. However, be prepared and have fun as well. Make sure you can settle the bills in the presence of unfortunate incidents or situations.


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