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Telfar Designs Reaches the Olympics

Founded by Telfar Clemens in 2005, Telfar designs has created fashion that is inclusive to all. Clemons wanted to create a luxury brand that was attainable. He also wanted to create gender-fluid designs that can be worn by anyone. He wanted to create sustainable practices while allowing his designs to be accessible.

With gaining a large following as his luxury handbag went viral for its sleek design and sustainable curation, many were enthusiastic supporters of this Liberian-American fashion artist from Brooklyn. Celebrities like Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and even famous politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been spotted wearing a Telfar bag.

His artistry reached its paramount when he was asked to design the active gear and uniform for Liberia’s Olympic team. To garner supporters as an Olympic Team, Liberia’s Olympic attache, Kouty Mawenh, felt it was important for Liberia’s team to stand out. As Telfar had already garnered a massive following with social media and the fashion industry, Clemens felt it was the perfect time to expand his brand into athletic wear. With their shared experiences as a Liberian-American, Clemens felt a deep connection with the country’s culture and history. Not only is this experience beneficial for his career as a fashion artist, but it was also an emotional experience of pride and excitement.

The pieces can be worn by men and women on the team. Liberia’s track and field team wore designs that varied in color and maintained Telfar’s trademark style. Clemons created designs that were intricate but also breathable. Clemons wanted to allow athletes to feel comfortable and made modifications when necessary. Clemons tailored every uniform to each player and their needs and sport in mind.

We are excited to see what Telfar Designs does next.


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