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The NYC Based Agency Startups Are Raving About

Raise your hands if you’re trying to grow your brand but keep hitting walls? As a founder and as a marketer, we’re always trying to ensure that we’re able to hit our CPA targets, Revenue Targets, and Volume targets so we can keep driving growth for our businesses. At times it can be very stressful and challenging because our team members and agency partners don’t have the bandwidth or know-how to help us do just that. Understaffed & missing my target for the 3rd month in a row, I knew I had to make a change. After venting my frustrations over a zoom call to my Startup MeetUp group, a few colleagues recommended working with DigiCom.

DigiCom is a boutique New York City-based digital marketing agency focusing on growth and acquisition marketing. They are unique from other agencies because they provide consulting services, acting as heads of growth who focus on all parts of their client’s digital strategy ranging from creative development, to channel strategy planning, to conversion rate optimization. They also run all aspects of media buying across paid social, paid search, native & video advertising.

DigiCom has diverse experience from the 200+ clients they’ve worked with over the course of more than a decade. Their client roster focuses on direct to consumer brands ranging from pre-launch companies to startups to Fortune 100 clients.

All this sounded great, but it seemed like it would be too expensive. I still decided to hop on a call with them to understand if they were the right fit. My first impression was that their team is smart and talented. I quickly learned that they provide a lot more than what I thought I needed. I was shocked to find out that their pricing model was right in the ballpark of what we were looking for (the greater of $3K-$5K monthly retainer or 10% of media spend). With nowhere else to turn for this level of expertise and support, it seemed like the best way forward.

Boy, was I right! First, we had a kick-off call with DigiCom. They asked us a series of questions about our brand, what we’ve tested, and what we’d like to achieve. After asking us questions, they presented an audit on their finding for our existing Facebook campaigns, Google campaigns, and our website flow. These findings quickly pinpointed areas we could improve on. They implemented the changes on Facebook & Google right away while we worked on implementing their landing page recommendations.

Next, we met with them to run a channel planning exercise. This simply means that we looked at all of the media spend in the market, the total number of conversions driven by channel, and applied a model to understand what our true CPA was. This was a great learning experience for us because it helped us understand what we needed to do next to continue to drive down our CPA and increase our ROAS. Over the course of a few weeks, they implemented several creative, audience, and landing page tests that ultimately decreased our CPA by 38%, something our previous agency was struggling with for months. They also reallocated our budgeting strategy to ensure that we were driving strong growth for our prospecting campaigns while leveraging a sequential messaging strategy to convert users at the bottom of the funnel.

Working with DigiCom is a no brainer. They really do take an “extension of the team approach” by integrating into our slack channels and weekly company meetings. Plus, they are always available to provide help and insights for our business. We’re now on track to hit our targets to raise our next series. We couldn’t have done it all without DigiCom. Thank you.


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