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The Two Keys to Success: Persistency and Vision

The road to success is not always smooth, but how a person walks through it depends on perspective. The two essential virtues that drive an individual to the end of a journey are persistence and vision. As simple as they may sound, counseling experts show that they are values humans find difficult to keep. If this is so, then why do we need it to be successful? Ride on in this article, as I show you how persistence and vision are inter-related and non-negotiable elements of success.

Persistency is a generous disciplinarian act towards achieving a goal and a favorable outcome. Consistency is repeating a particular thing towards yielding a result, while persistency is doing the same thing during unpleasant moments.

Persistence is often targeted towards particular spheres of life, and that is where vision comes in. Honestly, no human can be consistent in every daily activity. To avoid self-deception, let the idea be the attraction for your persistence. When you apply deliberate effort to a task, your brain registers and then programs it until it becomes a part of you.

External forces are inevitable, especially for business owners with large competitors, but it is always easier for a trained brain to survive. Persistency is how you can measure your sustained performance with the expected goal. Your will to push at this instant comes from within, as you will be wrestling against discriminating factors. On the other hand, persistence is not the same as being unrealistic. Instead, it is acknowledging the external forces that exist and dealing with them.

Behavioral psychologists describe persistent individuals as people who are always available. Meanwhile, another school of thought believes “being available” isn’t just enough. The mind, brain, and body must be present all together - that’s what it takes to be persistent.

Also, you can only create a compound effect by building a series of small and intelligent choices. Therefore, it is safe to say persistence and vision births success because no one achieves a dream by a single trial.

Waking up at 5 am was a big deal for me until I discovered the power of persistence and why I needed to start with a simple task. Amazingly, it started reflecting on my consistent habit of other things. A secret that has helped me to be persistent is by starting with my simple routine.

Hopefully, you now realize success is a race for the strong-hearted.


Your vision can be as big as owning a blockchain technology, or as small as wanting to be a regular in the gym. Whatever success you want to achieve, nothing is too small or big to require persistence and vision. A combination of persistence and vision will give you the right momentum. Although the success road may be rough, you will be able to lay your bed of roses.


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