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Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Take A Look At These Wonderful Breeds!

A close up of a dog looking into the camera

Dogs make a perfect addition to a family, whether it's going to be your best friend, a playmate for your kids, or a "fur baby" for you and your partner. Bringing a dog home is both wonderful and a little frightening at the same time.

In terms of housebreaking, establishing feeding schedules, grooming, and basic canine wellness, there is a lot to learn. The get-to-know-you phase is when you and your new four-legged pal discover each other's personalities and behavioral patterns. When that time is through, you don't want to feel that you picked the wrong dog.

Despite the fact that each dog is, of course, unique, dogs of each breed tend to have generally predictable energy levels, sizes, appearance, and grooming demands, which can help you choose the dog that will best suit your lifestyle.

Listed below are the top dog breeds that are loved and adored by many! We suggest going through them to see which one fits your lifestyle. Happy reading!


A dark brown Labrador sitting on a bed

Given their enjoyment of being around kids and their ability to get along with other pets in the house, labradors are frequently cited as one of the finest dog breeds for families. The Labrador is a friendly, energetic, and loving dog who adores nothing more than to be among its group. They are perfect for those who lead busy lifestyles since they are very intelligent and full of energy.

If you have very young children, you may want to think about rehoming an older dog that is past this time since one thing to keep in mind about the breed is that young labs tend to be pretty enthusiastic and will hop and bounce around.

Bernese Mountain Dog

A Bernese Mountain Dog resting in  a garden

Bernese Mountain dogs sometimes referred to as "gentle giants," have a charming, joyful demeanor. They are often very patient and loving, making them one of the greatest dog breeds for children when properly socialized. They are especially well suited for active families with older kids that enjoy going on hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures. However, because they are easily knocked over and may inadvertently injure themselves while playing, this family dog breed is not recommended for extremely young children.

Golden Retrievers

Two golden retriever puppies smilling and sitting on grass

Trust us when we say golden puppies are the cutest thing ever! I mean doesn't this picture just bring a smile to your face? (unless you're a psychopath)

Golden retrievers are often friendly toward strangers, other pets, and young children. Similar to Labradors, Golden Retrievers are also quite popular with families; in fact, they frequently appear in TV series and movies as "the family dog." They are energetic yet kind to kids. These dogs have a strong desire to please, which likely explains why they respond to obedience training so well and are in high demand as service dogs.

Also, golden retrievers enjoy eating (A LOT!) They'll consume anything, including the food in their dish as well as crayons, paper, and toys. If it's on the ground, it's fair game. Additionally, they have a tendency to overeat, so wise owners know to restrict treats, precisely portion food, and only feed them during mealtimes.

Alaskan Malamute

A snow covered Alaskan Malamute looking up at the camera

You'll adore the Alaskan malamute if you enjoy wolf-like canines. They resemble wolves in size, strength, and thick, long coats; their erect ears complete the appearance. The combination of white, grey, and black tones in their coats also contributes to emphasizing their wolf-like look. All things considered, most dog enthusiasts will concur that malamutes are more handsome than wolves.

Unfortunately, malamutes are very high-maintenance pets who need lots of attention, companionship, and exercise in addition to routine grooming. Although they are not the ideal option for first-time owners, they may make wonderful companions for seasoned owners with the time and energy to spend with them.


A light brown poodle standing on grass

The Poodle is sometimes overlooked because of the trendy, aristocratic dog persona, however, this couldn't be further from the truth. Poodles were originally developed as working dogs, and they are quite intelligent, full of energy for playing with kids, and typically friendly and well-mannered when given enough stimulation. They're also excellent for households with people with allergies because they're thought of as a hypoallergenic breed due to the fact that they shed so little.

Bichon Frise

A bichon frise sitting down on a wooden table

Although they look very similar to poodles, they are actually quite different in nature. The bichon frise is a cheerful small dog that is excellent for households with young children or apartment housing. It almost resembles a fluffy cotton ball. This breed makes a wonderful all-around friend.

Bichons require only light daily activity to be content and healthy. They are also reasonably simple to train and adapt to any lifestyle. You'll need to set aside the time and resources for frequent groomer appointments. The breed's curly coat requires careful brushing and routine trimming. Keep your bichon's hair short for a coat that requires less upkeep.


A white maltese sitting on grass

The Maltese's endearing appearance and pleasant demeanor are difficult to resist. These dogs have lovely silky coats that, if untrimmed, would cascade to the ground. However, frequent trims can maintain their coats short and manageable. They don't shed much despite having so much fur, but they should be groomed every day. The Maltese are an extremely friendly and cheerful breed that doesn't need a lot of activity and is happy to lie on your lap.

There you have it!

A list of friendly doggos to bring some joy and companionship into your life! Dogs are without a doubt the most wonderful creatures to ever exist. They just have a lot of love to give (in exchange for treats and belly rubs of course!) They do, however, come with a lot of responsibilities so please do extensive research before committing yourself to one.


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