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This Doctor-Recommended FDA Device Is Designed To Help With ED

Millions of men in the US are affected by erection difficulties, so it’s no surprise that plenty of companies are trying to create products that combat this frustrating issue. One company that’s leading the way in this area is MysteryVibe.

Combining medical research and engineering expertise, they create doctor-recommended devices that address major sexual health issues. And their Tenuto 2 vibrator is clinically proven to help men with ED achieve better erections and overcome performance anxiety. Here are a few of the reasons this vibrator is a total game-changer.

1. It’s Medically Designed

Vibratory stimulation is a proven solution for ED. Designed by leading Urologists, Tenuto 2’s patented technology utilizes localized vibrational therapy to promote blood circulation, resulting in firmer, fuller erections. It delivers precise vibrations exactly where they’re needed to stimulate the penis and perineum. It is the only FDA Class 2 male wearable vibrator, so that’s saying something.

2. It’s One Size Fits (Almost) All

The revolutionary design of the Tenuto 2 fits 90% of penis sizes thanks to flexible body-adapting material that stretches to fit almost anyone who is using it. It’s made with strong, malleable electronics that bend with the product without tearing, ensuring a tight fit (and a harder, longer-lasting erection).

With four vibration zones and 16 levels of intensity, the vibrator increases blood flow and helps you stay harder, longer. Recommended by leading urologists, clinical studies, and thousands of happy customers, there’s a good chance you’ll walk away feeling like a new man after you’ve tried it.

3. It’s Clinically Proven

In the latest medical study with Tenuto 2, it was shown to improve ED by over 2x in a post-surgical colorectal cancer patient. The findings were so significant that it was presented at the leading Sexual Medicine conference, ESSM, and selected for publication is the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

4. No Side Effects

Not everyone can take ED medication - and not everyone wants to. With potential side effects ranging from headaches to dizziness to digestive problems (and even vision loss in some cases!) it's no wonder that many men would rather skip the meds altogether. Tenuto 2 offers an affordable, accessible solution without the side effects of medication. Plus, no more awkward and time-consuming trips to the pharmacy!

For men struggling with getting erect or maintaining erections, MysteryVibe’s Tenuto 2 is an absolute must-have. Now is the best time to get this vibrator as it's on their biggest sale of the year. Save 20% on the Tenuto 2 when you shop MysteryVibe today!


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