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Top 5 Restaurants In New York To Visit In 2023

An image of a restaurant with wooden chair and tables

Are you thinking of going out for dinner this weekend? Or maybe take your partner out for a date? Choosing a favorite restaurant in New York City is a delightful endeavor with a plethora of options based on the occasion, mood, and even the time of year.

Lucky for you, we’ve picked out a handful of amazing restaurants you can visit! These restaurants are arranged in random order and are simply destinations that we wish to visit often and believe you will as well.

Gramercy Tavern

The table setting at Gramercy Tavern. On the table, there's a plate, napkin, utensils and flowers.

Gramercy Tavern is the crowning achievement of renowned chef Danny Meyer. This restaurant is known for its great service and rustic yet upmarket comfort meals such as mushrooms pot pie and duck meatloaf.

This restaurant is a friendly, feel-good location excellent for romantic evenings or large groups, and it serves dependably wonderful food in a historic structure. Choose the tavern for a more informal à la carte menu or the dining room for an upmarket tasting menu at this top restaurant in New York City.

Michael Anthony's cuisine, a farm-to-table master who has earned the coveted James Beard Foundation "Outstanding Chef" award, might be another factor. The menus are stuffed with handmade sausages, seasonal veggies, local meats, rustic pasta, soups, and all manner of uniquely American delights. His style is best described as bucolic fine dining.

JG Melon

Burger and chips with a ketchup bottle on the table at JG Melon

JG Melon, often known as "Melon's," offers a relatively simple menu that hasn't altered since the 1970s. They serve burgers, sandwiches, and steak), as well as a few plain side dishes. If you’re on the healthier side, they also serve salads though we personally recommend their burgers (After all, it’s what they’re famous for!)

Nonetheless, there's a reason why this Upper East Side restaurant has been there for so long. Melon's is a delight any day of the week, with its old-school ambiance and one of the tastiest burgers in town.

La Grenouille

The bar section at La Grenouille consisting of a variety of drinks

La Grenouille evokes old New York, and it's close to Rockefeller Center. Philippe Masson presently runs La Grenouille and has done so since 2014. This long-standing restaurant has an old-world charm, from the vases brimming with flower arrangements to the plush crimson seats.

While it's difficult to go wrong with any menu item, the Dover Sole with a soufflé is an amazing dining experience. If you linger late on a Saturday evening, you may be entertained by some live jazz (now that’s my kind of ambiance!)

Momofuku Ko

The outside dining area of Momofuku Ko. It has a tent and people enjoying their meals

Owned by David Chang, Ko has kept its two Michelin stars since 2009. Ko was listed as No. 76 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list for 2019. At Momofuku Ko, the cuisine defies categorization. The 11-course tasting menu, which might include everything from mustard pizza to tamagoyaki with sea urchin, is served to guests every night. Whether you enjoy culinary anomalies or simply want a delicious, substantial dinner, Momofuku Ko will definitely

exceed your expectations (or so we hope!)


A logo of Buvette on a paper being hung at the window for tourists to see

In the heart of the West Village, there is a tiny French eatery called Buvette that has the atmosphere of Paris. Buvette Gastrothèque, which Chef Jody Williams established at the beginning of 2011, is influenced by European norms that uphold a heritage of workmanship and design, where each delectable detail conjures a feeling of story, place, and joy. This mostly shared-plates establishment, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and supper, is a tribute to French cuisine with a modern twist. At brunch, indulge in the buttermilk waffles, and at supper, try the cheese platter. Williams also wrote Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food, which was published in April 2014.

Unfortunately, they do not accept bookings, thus there may be a wait. While you wait, take a seat at the bar and enjoy a great glass of pinot noir. The Buvette is known for its great wine collection.

It’s clear that NYC has a variety of options to choose from. It’s one of the things I love about being here. Try one of these places out and we guarantee you’ll enjoy your dining experience! Happy weekend!


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