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Truth x Lies & Music

Say hello to Truth x Lies, an amazing music act based in NYC. Ian and Ryan have been working closely together since 2012, but by 2015 – Truth x Lies was born. These guys have been exposed to music for the longest time, while Ryan’s mom taught ballet back in the day, Ian’s parents are full-on musicians. It is no surprise where their passion stems from.

The dance music genre is wide, but these pair have carved a niche for themselves in the tech house realm. They have come a long way from trying out different styles of music over the past 10 years.

Music, Culture and Trends

Truth x Lies are very open to social media and global music trends right now, they pretty much flow along the lines of wherever the ‘wind of influence’ blows them to and it is so beautiful to see. We have all seen how Bad Bunny has been a huge hit in pop music, and the same is reflected in dance music. It is also very interesting to see how the Latin/Spanish influence is now being infused into Tech House music. Music is fluid, and so is Truth x Lies and for them, the scene is not going anywhere anytime soon.

They have been exploring some unique synths in their music lately and their love for hip-hop is positively prompting the output of their sound. They are also really keen on original vocals and are very open to working with other amazing vocally-impressive acts.

How It All Started

Truth x Lies are truly inspirational and they had some advice for those underground acts out there, they simply said, “Try not to be overly influenced by what is popular now. It’s a good thing to have some knowledge and be able to write popular music, but in order to stand out you have to be a little out of the box. Writing music that sounds like ‘YOU’ will help you go much further.”

It’s fascinating to know that Ryan started playing the trumpet in the 5th grade and it has stuck with him till today. Even though he grew up listening to 90s hip hop and was always around music with his parents, he didn’t discover dance music until college when a friend of mine introduced me to Daft Punk. For Ian, both his parents are musicians – so it was a rule in his house growing up that he had to play at least one instrument. He fell in love with the drums as a kid and has kept playing them ever since. In 2010 Ian discovered dance music and the rest is history for these two!

The Fruits of Passion

The positive reactions they usually get to their music have been the most inspiring factor for them lately. You should see their faces play and see people enjoy it – It is incredible!

In creating and mixing the tracks in their set, they openly look up to some artists for inspiration, some are – Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, Walker & Royce, CID, and Chris Lorenzo. All these guys have such a unique style to them and they put out really solid stuff!

Whether it’s the grand festival stage with larger audiences or a small packed intimate club setting, Truth x Lies love their Bassy & Energetic sounds and for them, it brings all the vibes of melodic joy, goodness, and pure groove. They just simply love doing their music.

To all their TheLuxeBlogger fans, here are their words, “Thank you for having us! We always encourage anyone that enjoys our music to reach out to us via social media. We try to respond to as many DMs as possible and we also love chatting with fans at shows. Don’t be a stranger!


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