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Enjoy a 'Night Out' at Home with United Sound Music

With so many bars, clubs, and musical halls closed across the country this year, nights out dancing with friends are much harder to come by.

Do you find yourself missing the dance parties at weddings, in Vegas, or on Saturday night out with your friends?

Then enjoy a 'night out' at home with the United Sound playlist.

Turn down the lights, turn up the bass, and let the sound of today's top deep and progressive house tracks and top 40 and hip-hop remixes fill your air space.

Featuring artists including Lane 8, Nora En Pure, EDX, Kaskade, and Tiesto the United Sound playlist takes you on a melodic journey. Great for the workday, a workout, cooking dinner at home, or hosting a zoom happy hour - this music will keep your energy up and your mood right.

At a time when we are so often apart, it's important to find ways to stay connected. Allow music to bring us together.

"Physically apart but United through Sound"

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