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We Compared Three Of The Most Popular ED Solutions. See Which One Came Out On Top.

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that plenty of men deal with. And while there are lots of pills and creams out there that promise to help you maintain an erection and last longer in bed, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

Luckily there are a number of science-backed solutions out there that promise stronger, longer erections without negative side effects. So we looked at 3 of the most popular solutions on the market: MV.Health’s Tenuto 2, a constrictive device, and PDE5 inhibitors (aka the “little blue pill”). Scroll down to see how we scored them and which we think is the winner.

How They Work

The Tenuto 2 is a wearable medical vibrator that helps you get erect and stay erect by increasing blood flow and sending powerful, targeted vibrations through your penis and perineum. The vibrations stimulate your partner as well, and the device can be controlled via a smart app.

Constrictive devices are generally silicone or plastic rings that sit at the base of the penis. They slow the blood flow back from the erect penis, allowing it to stay erect longer. However they can’t help with getting erect.

PDE5 inhibitors are taken orally and work to block the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme that can prevent an erection. These medications can help to relax muscles and arteries inside the penis, allowing more blood to reach the penis. They can be taken 30 mins to 4 hrs before sexual activity.


The Tenuto 2 is heavy on the tech and is an FDA Class 2 device designed by leading Urologists. It has 4 power motors with 16 intensities. It comes with 8 preset vibration patterns, and you can also create your own patterns using the App.

As with any medication, years of scientific research and testing went into the creation of PDE5 inhibitors.

A constrictive device is literally just a silicone ring, so no tech there.

This category is a tie between Tenuto 2 & PDE5 inhibitors.


We’re focusing on the wearable devices for this category since comfort doesn’t come into play with the PDE5 inhibitors.

Most constrictive devices slip on easily. However for them to be effective they need to be tight. As a result, many users complain of pinching or discomfort, especially if used for a long time. Also it makes it hard to ejaculate with constriction devices on. Many brands offer different sizing, so you can figure out which is best for you.

The Tenuto 2 is much more advanced. It comes in one size that is super flexible & stretches to fit all penis sizes. So you don’t need to buy many sizes or worry about it not fitting. The soft stretchy material makes it comfortably snug. When you turn on the vibration under the perineum, it feels particularly good.

This category goes to Tenuto 2.

Side Effects

Because you simply slip them on and off, the Tenuto 2 and constrictive devices have no side effects.

PDE5 inhibitors are a different story. Headaches, skin flushing, and upset stomach are common side effects. Nose bleeds and a stuffy nose can also occur. And we’ve all heard the warning about “an erection lasting longer than 4 hours” at the end of the commercials. It’s rare, but it can happen.

Tie between Tenuto 2 and constrictive devices.

Impact on Intercourse

The Tenuto 2 and PDE5 Inhibitors help you get erect and stay erect, while constriction devices only help stay erect but not getting erect.

Sex with PDE5 inhibitors and constrictive devices on the other hand, is just sex. And yes, we know the saying. Sex is like pizza. Even if it's bad, it's still pretty good. And we agree.

On the other hand, Tenuto 2 offers 360-stimulation for your partner, leading to earth-shattering orgasms - supercharging your sex.

No contest here - point Tenuto 2.


Normally we’d give this category to the product with the lowest price. Constrictive devices can be cheap, but we’ve seen prices as high as $600! The cost of PDE5 inhibitors will vary depending on your insurance, but generic PDE5 inhibitors can start at $8.50 a pill, which again adds up to $600 or more in a year even if you only buy a few pills a week.

In comparison, the tech-filled Tenuto 2 is a one-time cost of only $223 and comes with a 2 year, no questions asked, warranty!

With all of the technology in the Tenuto, plus the fact that it’s the only solution that can help you get erect, stay erect and stimulate your partner, all at the same time, we think $223 is a very reasonable price. So in terms of what you get for your money, the Tenuto wins in a landslide.


While the Tenuto 2, PDE5 inhibitors, and constriction devices are all good options to help you with erections, our clear winner is MV.Health’s Tenuto 2. The constriction devices are certainly a smaller option, and PDE5 inhibitors are discreet, but the Tenuto 2 just enhances the sexual experience all around.

The vibrations take sex to the next level for both you and your partner and the ergonomic design stretches to fit your penis perfectly. Not only does it solve ED, it also intensifies sex and, as a happy customer puts it, “experience the ultimate couple climax & your partner's gratefulness, over & over again.

Save 30% on the Tenuto 2 when you shop MV.Health's Memorial Day Sale today!

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